Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Spring 2017

Whew, time really gets away from me these days and I am not blogging nearly as much as I'd like to.  But now that we are midway through summer, here is a photo recap of the Hetrick's spring of 2017 :

First of all, we got almost no snow this year, which is a major bummer when you are a little kid.  But in mid-March, when Spring was almost knocking at the door, Mother Nature decided to give us a nice healthy dose of winter, just for good measure.

Ready to go!  Izzy was so excited to play in the snow!

Emma was too...

...and Addy for that matter ;)

We have an awesome hill for sledding right in our backyard! 

The five of us trying to get a selfie while it was windy and snowing like crazy ;)

The leprechauns visited us for St. Patrick's Day!

We visited with our cousins:

The big girls ran in the Healthy Kids Running Series:

We went to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny.  Izzy was very excited...until it was her turn to sit on his lap...

So we have a fake smile, a scream, and closed eyes.  Classic ;)

Time for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

We dyed Easter Eggs:

It's warm enough for the playground again!

Addy started softball.  Mike started coaching :)

Watching big sister play :)

Another Egg Hunt.  Always fun times at Uncle Lee and Aunt Sue's:

Going for a run with these three crazy cats:

Hike time.  Things were a bit hairy as Addy squirted bug spray in Izzy's eye right before we started 😝

Look at those poor eyes 😢


Our last picture with Pap

I'm telling you, it was the never-ending Easter this year 😉

The girls got awesome Barbie houses from a neighbor:

As always, there was sickness:

And there were meltdowns:

But as always, there was also lots of fun!

Addy went to her first PSU game (the Blue/White game) with Pop and Grandma Beth:

Mother's Day.  All I wanted was a nice picture 😏

I'll take it ;)

Three generations 💓:

The girls with their great-grandparents:

Preschool end of year picnic:

Emma's so excited that her picture is right next to her husband Collin's :)

And just like that, school's out for summer!

We had such a fun Spring!  I love looking back at all of the great times we've had as a family.  As stressful (and at times overwhelming) as it can be in this stage of life, there is also nothing sweeter :)

Happy Spring!