Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Favorite Things 2017

Its fun to ask the girls these same questions every year and see how their responses change :)

Here are a few of their favorite things from the beginning of the school year 2017:

ADDY (1st Grade):

Favorite food:  Mac and Cheese
Favorite snack:  Fruit Snacks
Favorite color:  Pink
Favorite toy:  LOL Dolls
Favorite TV show:  Elena of Avalor
Favorite book:  Christopher Pop-in-kins
Favorite song:  Star Spangled Banner
Best Friend:  Brielle
One word that describes you:  Pretty
If you had one wish:  A fairy door
If you could have a superpower:  Invisibilty
Favorite sport:  Softball
If you could go anywhere:  OCMD
Favorite memory:  Going to beach
What do you want to be when you grow up?:  Nurse

EMMA (Pre-K):

Favorite food:  mac and cheese
Favorite snack: chewy bars
Favorite color:  purple, pink, and gold
Favorite toy:  Spirit
Favorite TV show:  Spirit
Favorite book:  Pinkalicious
Favorite song:  Christmas songs
Best Friend:  Emily, Emme, and Sydney
One word that describes you:  Rock Star
If you had one wish:  Live with Emme
If you could have a superpower:  flying
Favorite sport:  running
If you could go anywhere:  pool
Favorite memory:  Christmas
What do you want to be when you grow up?:  Pop Star

IZZY (Preschool):

Favorite food:  mac and cheese
Favorite snack:  fruit snacks
Favorite color:  blue
Favorite toy:  school bus
Favorite TV show:  PJ Masks
Favorite book:  Blue Numbers book
Favorite song:  Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Best Friend:  Daddy
One word that describes you:  Animated (says Mommy)
If you had one wish:  none
If you could have a superpower:  rule the world (says Mommy)
Favorite sport:  play trolls
If you could go anywhere:  animal barn and the bus stop
Favorite memory:  watching Trolls
What do you want to be when you grow up?:  Snow White

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Isabelle: 2 Years Old!

Dear Iz Biz,

Holy cow you are 2 years old!!! You never cease to amaze us with your incredible vocabulary,  and now you are about to start preschool!  I know you are so ready and I can't wait to see you thrive!  We were in Ocean City for your birthday and you had lots of fun!  You are such a busy bee these days!  Here are some videos from your birthday:

So there's a little glimpse into your two-year-old self 😊😊.  Moana is definitely your current favorite movie.  You call Daddy Maui and he calls you Moana.  It's very sweet.  And, as you can see in that last video, wearing other people's shoes is one of your favorite activities.

One of the funniest things that you've said lately was at Ocean City (as relayed to me by Daddy).  You were pushing around an ottoman and you couldn't get it to go where you wanted it to go, so you sighed in exasperation and stated, "I hate this job!"  You are such a character!

You enjoyed the beach trip, but remain pretty darn scared of the ocean.  You would be just as content staying in the condo I think 😉.  But we kept trying, and you got a lot better by the end of the week.

You do love the pool though, and you have absolutely no fear there!

We got to go to Ocean City twice in one month this year!  The first time was for our weekend trip that we take just the five of us, and the second trip was the one that fell over your birthday and was a whole week long with Aunt Tina, Uncle Jay, Grandma with Kayla, and Great-Grandma and Great-Pop.

The one night when we were there just the five of us, Daddy took the big girls to the Boardwalk and you and I headed home to bed.  I was very pregnant with Reagan and was just as tired as you were 😉.

You are very lucky that your sister's spoil you and cater to your every need.  We might as well call the beach, "Izzy's spa":

And there it is.  That skeptical look you get right before you reassure yourself and say, "The ocean's not gettin' me.  It's not gettin' me." 😂

Uncle Jay will protect you Biz.

Aunt Tina will save you too 😉.

And, as always, so will Daddy 💓.

There is something about this picture.  I just love it. 💓

Here's you and Grandma:  Love these too!

We made the makeshift shower curtain pool for you, and you were satisfied with that this year.

Your sister's tried to entice you into the ocean.  You had fun there for a few minutes.  I know it won't be long until we can't pry you out of the ocean 😊.

Here was your sleeping arrangement at the beach (minus your sisters 😉).  Yup, a pack and play in Grandma and Grandpa's closet.  And it was perfect.  I'm glad you're still in that stage where we can put you anywhere 😂.

You had your two year checkup right after the beach and here were your stats:

Weight: 26lbs 8oz (48th percentile)
Height: 2' 9.75" (56th percentile)
BMI: 16.36 kg/m2 (49th percentile)

You are growing right on target, and you had your last ortho checkup at two years old!  Your hips look completely normal now, and you don't need to be followed by ortho anymore!  Hooray!

You are sleeping wonderfully, about 7:30pm-7:30am with one (about 2 hour) nap during the day.
You are starting to get picky with food, but we knew that was coming.  You are such a ham and you love to make people laugh.  No one can meet you without loving you.  There's not a shy bone in your body and I love that about you!  The amount of times I hear from people, "That Izzy.  I just love her!!"  It's so true.  You reign people in with your vocab, your comedy, and your love of the spotlight.

Here are some more photos from when you turned 2:

When did you turn into a little girl???

This pic is so you!

Iz Biz, I love you to the moon!  To know you is to love you.  You are feisty, fun, and full of life!  Our lives are certainly never boring (or quiet) with you around.  You make every day an adventure. Happiest of second birthdays to you!!



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Spring 2017

Whew, time really gets away from me these days and I am not blogging nearly as much as I'd like to.  But now that we are midway through summer, here is a photo recap of the Hetrick's spring of 2017 :

First of all, we got almost no snow this year, which is a major bummer when you are a little kid.  But in mid-March, when Spring was almost knocking at the door, Mother Nature decided to give us a nice healthy dose of winter, just for good measure.

Ready to go!  Izzy was so excited to play in the snow!

Emma was too...

...and Addy for that matter ;)

We have an awesome hill for sledding right in our backyard! 

The five of us trying to get a selfie while it was windy and snowing like crazy ;)

The leprechauns visited us for St. Patrick's Day!

We visited with our cousins:

The big girls ran in the Healthy Kids Running Series:

We went to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny.  Izzy was very excited...until it was her turn to sit on his lap...

So we have a fake smile, a scream, and closed eyes.  Classic ;)

Time for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

We dyed Easter Eggs:

It's warm enough for the playground again!

Addy started softball.  Mike started coaching :)

Watching big sister play :)

Another Egg Hunt.  Always fun times at Uncle Lee and Aunt Sue's:

Going for a run with these three crazy cats:

Hike time.  Things were a bit hairy as Addy squirted bug spray in Izzy's eye right before we started 😝

Look at those poor eyes 😢


Our last picture with Pap

I'm telling you, it was the never-ending Easter this year 😉

The girls got awesome Barbie houses from a neighbor:

As always, there was sickness:

And there were meltdowns:

But as always, there was also lots of fun!

Addy went to her first PSU game (the Blue/White game) with Pop and Grandma Beth:

Mother's Day.  All I wanted was a nice picture 😏

I'll take it ;)

Three generations 💓:

The girls with their great-grandparents:

Preschool end of year picnic:

Emma's so excited that her picture is right next to her husband Collin's :)

And just like that, school's out for summer!

We had such a fun Spring!  I love looking back at all of the great times we've had as a family.  As stressful (and at times overwhelming) as it can be in this stage of life, there is also nothing sweeter :)

Happy Spring!