Tuesday, June 27, 2017

These Are A Few of Their Favorite Things....

Now that Addy has been out of school for almost a month, it's time to post Addy and Emma's favorite things from the beginning, compared to the end of this past school year.  Here we go!


              Beginning of Kindergarten 2016                                     End of Kindergarten 2017

Favorite food:   cucumbers                                                                          mac and cheese

Favorite Snack:  fruit snacks                                                                       scooby snacks

Favorite Color:   pink                                                                                  green

Favorite Toy:     Anna and Elsa changing doll                                             Bixie Bunny

Favorite TV Show:     The Olympics                                                           Dot

Favorite Book:     Princess Stories                                                               Boss Baby

Favorite Song:     Twinkle Twinkle Little Star                                            Giggle Bellies Gumdrop

Best Friend:     Ali Slack                                                                              Ali Slack

One Word That Describes You:     fun                                                       helpful

If You Had One Wish:     a new unicorn blanket                                         to be a mermaid

If You Had One Superpower:     to fly fast                                                 to be fast

Favorite Sport:     gymnastics                                                                      softball

If You Could Go Anywhere:     Disney World                                            to where the                                                                                                                                                                                         leprechauns live

Favorite Memory:     going to the pool                                                        Disney World

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:     Nurse                        Nurse


               Beginning of Preschool 2016                                                      End of Preschool 2017

Favorite Food:     bananas                                                                            mac and cheese

Favorite Snack:     applesauce                                                                      cheese dippers

Favorite Color:     purple                                                                              purple

Favorite Toy:      none                                                                                   fidget spinner

Favorite TV Show:     PJ Masks                                                                   Lucky

Favorite Book:     Princess and the Frog                                                       Boss Baby

Favorite Song:     Part of Your World                                                           Let It Go

Best Friend:     Penny                                                                                   Cerise, Audra, and                                                                                                                                                                                   Emily

One Word That Describes You:     kind                                                      pretty

If You Had One Wish:     Elsa to come to our house                                   PJ Masks set

If You Had One Superpower:     freezing power                                        save everybody

Favorite Sport:     doing flips                                                                       dress up pretty

If You Could Go Anywhere:     Elsa's Castle                                               Florida

Favorite Memory:     going to the cabin and seeing the bear                       seeing Pap-Pap Paul

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:     Nurse                        Pilot

So there you have it!  The girls favorites from both the beginning and the end of this past school year.  It's so fun (and comical) seeing what they say!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Big Haircuts for All!

OK, I've been saying that I'm going to post before and after pictures of the girls' (and my) haircuts for months, so here I am finally doing it!  Better late than never 😉.  It was such a big deal this time because three of the four of us had enough hair cut off to donate to Children With Hair Loss!  Izzy's obviously wasn't long enough, but the rest of us had at least 8 inches to donate, so we were super excited!

It all started with me chopping my hair at the end of February.  It was literally a night before decision for me and I didn't tell anyone I was doing it, which was so fun!

Ugh that "before" picture is frightening!  My hair was so dead at the ends, always tangled, and just blah, so it was time for a big change!  When I got home the girls LOVED it and all claimed that they wanted their hair short like Mommy's, so as soon as I could get them an appointment, that's exactly what we did!

Izzy Before:

Izzy during:

Izzy After!:

Emma Before:

 Emma during:

Emma After!:

Addy Before:

Addy during:

Addy After!:

Oh my gosh, they all just looked so cute!  And no more tangles as an added bonus!



And then here are the four of us with our matching haircuts:

Some pics of our hair donation:

So there you have it!  Fresh new cuts for a good cause.  A total win-win!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Isabelle: 22 Months!

Dear Busy,

Holy cow, only two more months until you are two!  Although, anyone that meets you would swear that you are well past two.  You speak like a four year old.  I say it every month and I'll say it again:  your speech and vocabulary are INSANE for a child that isn't even two years old.  You carry on full conversations with no problem at all.

You love to sing and be sung to.  Your favorite song by far is Twinkle Twinkle and we often hear you singing that to yourself in your crib 💓.

This month I finally decorated above your crib and you LOVE it!  Every day you look at it and say, "Mommy made that!"

We frequent Chik Fila and it is your favorite restaurant.  So much so that you'll be playing with toys and then you'll throw a purse over your shoulder and announce, "See ya later!  I'm goin' to Chik Fila!"  You beg to go there every time we pass one.  And recently we discovered there that you like lettuce (or maybe just the dressing, but whatever 😏).

Any time we take you out for dinner (or anywhere for that matter) we can count on you for some silly antics...

You get such a kick out of yourself, which is hilarious!

You love your swimming lessons with Daddy and are always asking to go.  You jump right in the water with no hesitation at all.  You just need to work on jumping out far enough so we don't end up leaving there via ambulance with a head injury one of these days 😨.

As much as you love the pool, you also love riding around the cul-de-sac on your plasma car.  Yup, we are now the proud owners of three plasma cars, so that you and your sisters each have one.  

You and Emma would often ride up to the bus stop to pick Addy up after school.  And when Addy gets off the bus you demand that she give you her backpack to carry home so you can pretend you are in school too.  Soon enough little lady!  Soon enough!

 You got on the Strider for the first time this month too!  I bet you'll be just like your sisters and riding a two-wheeler with no training wheels when you're three!

You wear your sunglasses upside down, just like Mommy used to do when she was your age!

Oooh and what late spring would be complete without some strawberry picking?!

OMG and here it is!  The picture that I love and that I say I'm going to get printed.  Lets hope I really do.  Look how sweet you look in your Memorial Day best!

Love love love!

And we'll round it out with a picture of you on the day you turned 22 months:

Oh Bizzers, you are just too cute!  You are really loving life now that we can be outdoors and you are more able to keep up with your sisters.  While you are still a (VERY) needy child, you are lots of fun too, so it all balances out.  We can't wait to see what you grow up to be like!  Love you to the moon and back!



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Isabelle: 21 Months!

Dear Boss Baby,

Yup, that's your new nickname and it's so fitting.  You are such a bossy little thing and you truly think that you run this joint.  You'll point to a chair and be like, "Mama. Sit." or "Follow me." or "Come with me.  Outside.  Right now."  It makes us laugh because often times your tactics work with your big sisters.  They never want you to cry, so they'll do what you say... which is just how you planned it 😉.

You are such a big ball of energy and nothing except sleep slows you down.  Much to our dismay there is not one TV show or movie that will hold your attention for any longer than one minute.  You are a girl on the go and you have a constant need to be entertained.  (I feel like this sentiment was expressed in regards to Addy on the blog years ago.)  I am so glad that you have big sisters who can normally fulfill the role of Izzy's entertainer.  But if mama is there, you usually want mama.  And you cry and you whine until you get what you want from me.  If I had a penny for every time I heard, "She was fine and pleasant and entertained herself beautifully until you got here...."  I'd be a rich lady.  Here's a little glimpse of your busy self:

I love the "never mind" and "oh my gosh!".  You are such a clown 😋.

This month was Easter, so of course I had to get you girls all dressed up in your Easter finest and head to Bass Pro for pictures with the Easter bunny.  You were all about him until you had to sit on his lap.  Then all bets were off.

This picture seriously makes me giggle, it's that bad.  You're screaming and lunging for me, Addy's eyes are closed, and Emma has the world's fakest smile plastered on her face 😁.  These are the pics that we'll love to look back on.

And here you guys are before the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Different day.  Different dress 😉:

Dying Easter Eggs:

 This picture of you and your sisters at the park is one of my favorites:

You are so ready to get on a bike like your big sisters.  You ask for a helmet all the time and Daddy is getting the Strider ready for you:

Egg hunt at Lee and Sue's:

We went on a what was supposed to be a nice hike with the family in Hollidaysburg.  It was all fun and games until Addy sprayed bug spray in your eyes (by accident, but still 😠)
Aw girl, you were so pitiful 😢.

But your big sisters took good care of you 😊.

We went to visit Pap and Grandma and this is the last photo we have of him before he died.  We're so glad we were able to go out there that day:

The obligatory family photo:

More Egg hunts.  More loot:

And one last hunt at home to round out the Easter season:

Your love for all things with wheels continues.  You beg to get a helmet on and then want us to push you around on this scooter 😜:

Daddy and his baby 💗

Fun at Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's house:

Ugh, and sickness strikes us again 😝.  We can never seem to avoid those darn stomach bugs that go around:

We had to remove one of the car seats from the car for some reason and you were obsessed with sitting in that thing in the middle of the living room.  So much so that we kept it there for days and days because sitting in that seat reading a book was something that would actually occupy you for awhile!  You love, love, love this seat.  So Daddy put this seat in the car for you, and now you are forward facing.  Shhh, don't tell anyone 😉.

Oh Boss Baby, you are our little spitfire and you make sure that no day is boring.  We love you and all of your energy and sass 💗.  Happy 21 months little lady!