Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fall Fun from 2015!

OK yes, winter is almost over and I still haven't posted our fall pictures!  This is what happens when you have three kids ages 5 and under.  The blog gets put on the back burner.  But I'm trying to keep up with it the best that my current crazy life will allow, because I know I will love having all of these memories to look back on and read about in the future when our little girls are all grown up.  So, that being said, here is a recap of some of our fall excursions and activities:

Mike bought 2 "boats" (You will soon see why I use the term "boats" very, very loosely) and we took them for their maiden voyages in September.  While the whole thing was very comical, we all had a great time!

Mike and Jay bringing boat #1 down to the water

Tina and the ladies decided to try it out on land first to be safe ;)

Mike and Jay in all their glory.  Yes there is a motor on the blue boat.  And then the blue boat pulls the white boat.  We cruise around in style, let me tell you ;)

Time to take the girls for a spin

Mike and the ladies on the blue boat... pulling Tina and I on the white boat.  Jay and Izzy safely back on land.

No they're not falling overboard (although I really hope that Mike's left hand has a firm grasp on Emma because it sure looks like she could tumble out at any moment!)  They loved touching the water.  

Sister selfie :)

It was such a pretty night, and we all had so much fun!

The girls got their back-to-school haircuts and both looked absolutely adorable!  I will admit however that I am super sad that Addy's curls are gone.  I thought when we cut her hair the curls would bounce back.  Turns out that we just cut the curls out completely :(

We went to the Fall Festival at Adams Ricci Park and had lots of fun and yummy food!  The girls rode ponies and they both loved it!

 Both girls got their faces painted as well:

Family photo

Fun on the bouncy slides

Mom and I ran our annual Breast Cancer 5K, which was the first time I had run in many, many months.  I took it slow and it actually went better than I expected :)

Went went to a Fall Festival/chili cook off at our friends church:
The girls got balloon animals

They got their faced painted in really awesome designs!

Love that Emma's earmuffs are on, but doing absolutely nothing for warmth ;)

Addy and her best friend Ali :)

Emma with her face done, balloon animal in hand.

I love, love, love this picture of all three of my girls!

The girls experimented with makeup....

 ...which ultimately led to this:

We played at the park:

 We got "Booed" by our neighbors!

And then comes Halloween!
Gotta have the obligatory "My First Halloween" outfit :)

Emma's class party:
Yup, Addy was there too!  (I missed Addy's party because I was shooting a wedding, and you know Mike didn't take any pics ;))

Costume switch!

Time to Trick-or-Treat!
My little Lobster in a Pot.  This costume was so last minute, but we pulled it off.  I found the lobster costume at a consignment sale.  Then Mike said I should carry her around in a pot, which I never thought she'd fit into, but she did!  And she loved it!

Then I threw on an apron and oven mitts and off we went!

Let the Trick-or-Treating begin!  Heading out with Harper and Reagan from across the street :)

Yup, she FELL ASLEEP in that pot!  It was amazing!  People that didn't even know us were snapping photos of her, ha ha!

Family photo at the end of the night... Izzy is still knocked out!

My Penn State Girls:

And of course I had to do the baby in the pumpkin:

And we have the "My First Halloween" footy jammies with matching pumpkin hat :)

At the end of the season I got up the nerve to take all three girls to yet another Fall Festival... by myself!  I was nervous, but thank goodness it was smaller and much less crowded than I expected.

Fun times had by all!

So there was the Hetrick's autumn season in a collage of photos.  I love the fall, especially with little kids.  But, let's be real, every season is better and more magical with little kids! Looking back at photos of my girls when they are so small, sweet, and innocent... I can't help but smile.  These are the days that sometimes seem so long, but they are the absolute best years of my life!