Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Last Days as a Family of Four

Well, this is it.  It's late Thursday night and I am going to the hospital in the morning for a labor induction that will hopefully lead to the speedy delivery of our third baby girl.  I have been in full on nesting mode over the past few days cleaning everything from bottles to every bicycle in the garage.

Tonight though it finally hit me, and I became a big tearful mess just like I was before I went in to have Emma.  I couldn't explain why I was crying because it's just a mixture of so many emotions.  I'm nervous for the delivery, sentimental that this was our last day as a little family of four, sad that the girls are going to have to share our attention with another sibling, and also happy that we are giving our girls the gift of another sister to love.  Our life is about to change permanently in a big way and I know that in no time we won't be able to imagine our life without this new little bundle of joy, but for now I can't imagine life with her.  I am excited though.  Despite all of these last minute "This is happening now!" emotions, I have so much joy for the amount of love that our new daughter will bring.

Here is our last official photo as a family of four:
Yesterday Mike got the awesome idea to make some lemonade with the girls in their new play set.  And in between sterilizing bottles, I came out to join the fun :)

Look at those happy faces!  Mike and I are so blessed to be the parents to these two amazing little girls and I cannot wait to witness them doting on their baby sister.  Life is about to change.  Bring it on!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Summer So Far...

This is our last (partial) summer as a family of four and we have definitely made the most of it!  You all know me, I have tons of pictures from all of our activities, so I wanted to do a recap before our world is turned upside down (in a good way!) in a few days with the addition of child number 3!

We've been signing the girls up for swimming lessons at the Y pretty consistently and they love it!

Addy finished off Soccer Shots for the year and it was hard to tell if she liked it.  She claimed that she did, but she was often pouty during practice.  
Addy and her buddies after soccer 
From left to right: Luke, Emma, Jack, Ben, Addy, Sadie

Emma watching Addy practice

Here are some pics I took with Tina's new camera one day:

Emma with her bunk bed injury

Some action shots of Addy:

Bike time:

Play time in the back yard:

And that's the end of the pics with Tina's camera.  Back to IPhone pics.

Mike and I went to Char's for our anniversary dinner.  It was delicious!

Snapped a pic with Addy when we got home because she wanted to see me with curls "just like hers" one more time :)

Me and Amy at the baby sprinkle that our marriage group threw for us :)  I'm about 30 weeks preggo here.

Our Topsail vacation... of course I already shared a plethora of pics from that trip :)

Visiting my friend Jess and her new baby on the way back from the beach.  Addy is so ready to be a big sister again!

We hit up a local carnival and the girls LOVED it!

Father's Day:
Making Daddy breakfast :)


Our first polo match:

Too bad it got rained out after only about 20 minutes.  The girls had just as much fun running around though :)

Sweet Emmy :)

4th of July:

We went to our friend Derek's cabin at Treasure Lake for the weekend of the 4th.  It was a great time!
Mandy and I with our virgin daiquiris 

Mike, Nico, and Derek

A little lake swimming

4th of July family photo

The kiddos watching Mike and Derek attempt to set off fireworks ;)


A stroll around Treasure Lake

...picking flowers as we go

Bowling with our buddies:

Love this pic of me and Emma after shower time :)

Turbie Twist Twins!

A Baby Sprinkle thrown for me by Tina.... and Julie was there as a surprise!!!

Mike and I took a little Babymoon to Boalsburg on the weekend of Arts Fest.  It was such an amazing, relaxing, refreshing time spent with my favorite guy :)

We made a spontaneous stop at Indian Caverns on the way there :)

We ("we" meaning Mike) did a wine tasting 

A winery is a totally appropriate place for a pregnant woman right?  Here I am in all of my glory, 36 weeks preggo.

Walked around People's Choice.  It was such a gorgeous weekend!  We even got pedicures together!  Yup, true story.  We stayed in this amazing Bed and Breakfast called the Rock Garden Inn.  I would highly recommend it if you are looking for peace and relaxation.  Just what the doctor ordered :)

Swimming at Mike's friend Brian's pool:

The next day we headed out to our impromptu beach trip:

The girls got lucky and inherited Ben's swing set since he moved to NC:
Dad, Mike, and Jay got it into our yard and Mike got it set up.

Tina and I took the girls to Hershey Park.  Good thing Tina was there to take them on the rides and push the stroller... thanks Bean!

The girls loved this pirate ship... but Emmy to this day tells everyone that the pirate ship made her have to poop ;)

The ride where Emmy slid off the seat and then burst into hysterical tears causing them to stop the ride to let her off ;)

Addy's first ever roller coaster with Aunt Tina!

Emma fell asleep before I even pulled out of the parking space...

... and Addy soon followed suit.  They were exhausted!

Mike took Addy on a date to the Senators baseball game:

She caught a foul ball!!!

This girl was so excited to move up in the world to a booster seat, using a big person seat belt!

My friend Klara moved to NC and this was our last dinner together with her.
Left to right: Jackie, Hanna, Klara, Megan, Jess, and me

And that brings us to this past weekend, where we experienced dirt car races and a flea market for the first time:

Addy's flea market find... a skateboard, which she's been asking for all of the time lately.  Can't beat it for a dollar ;)

Emmy's flea market find... a scooter that's just her size :)

Addy practicing on her board :)

We also spent some time with my grandparents at a cute little ice cream place with a playground that had perhaps the oldest playground equipment that I've ever seen.  But the girls loved it!

Great-grandpa got roped into pushing everyone on the Merry-Go-Round.  See what I mean about OLD playground equipment?!!!

Me and my grandparents :)

And that brings us up to date!  We have had an awesome summer so far, jam packed with fun activities!  I know we're about to slow down a bit once the new baby arrives, which will be a nice reprieve from the go go go we've been on all summer.  But I wouldn't trade it, or the memories for anything :)