Friday, August 30, 2013

Emma: 11 Months!

Dear Emmy Lou,

This has been a big month for you!  Number one, you've FINALLY started crawling!  Not that I minded a bit that you didn't... it made life easier for awhile.  But now that you have started moving, you never stop.  It is hard to keep you still these days.  You motor all around, and if someone holds your hands you will walk like a little Speedy Gonzalez!

Right before your 11 month birthday, you started pulling yourself up too!  Your favorite spot to do this is right on the corner of Tina's stone fireplace... which will inevitably lead to disaster at some point in time.  But you have taken to pulling yourself up whenever you can find something to grab onto.

With your new mobile status has come a HUGE appetite!  You seriously eat more than your sister these days, and sometimes it seems like you are insatiable!  You eat a mixture of pureed food and bits of soft table food.  3-4 containers of pureed food is like nothing to you!  I think my days of pureeing food for you are nearing the end, because you have gotten more teeth this month too, making chewing table food more doable.  You got one of your front top teeth and the one next to it too (not the other front tooth), so you are a bit lopsided for now ;)  But I can tell that all four front top teeth are on their way in.  Poor baby, I know that it hurts you :(

You nurse twice a day now, morning and night, and we are working on getting you to drink more fluids from a cup.  You still prefer a cup with a straw to a sippy cup.  I am trying to slowly introduce whole milk and some water throughout the day.  And within the next month or two we should be done with nursing!  I can't believe that in a few short weeks you won't be my baby anymore!  Time needs to slow down PLEASE!!

You got your first haircut right after your 10 month birthday and you look absolutely adorable!  That mullet had to go ;)

And the finished result:

Yay for a brand new haircut!

Other big news is that we moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania this month!  Yup, we finally took the plunge, and now you and your sister will have the privilege of growing up near your extended family :)  We are all so very excited for this big move!

You and Addy on your play set in our North Carolina backyard for the last time. 

Cruisin' around Aunt Tina and Uncle Jay's neighborhood :)

You are babbling up a storm and your favorite things to say are "Da" and "Ba".  Nothing yet that we would define as your "first word".  You have said "Hi" in the past, but you don't do that much anymore, and I don't think that it really meant anything to you.  Still waiting on our little Emmy's first word :)

You are a Mama's girl for sure, whereas Addy was always a Daddy's girl.  If I walk into the room and someone else is holding you, you immediately lunge for me and cry if I don't come over and "rescue" you.  You are happy as a clam to have people holding you (anyone really), unless Mommy walks in the room.  Then it HAS to be Mommy, especially if you are tired.  It's OK, I don't mind a bit :)

Your monthly pics were hard to get.... to say the least.  Being newly mobile, you had zero interest in sitting still for a little photo shoot.  So I decided to plop you in that pink wicker rocking chair, where you could be semi-contained for a few minutes :)

I know you're going to be so mad at me for this one someday.... You are definitely mid-poop ;)

My happy lady :)

Emmy Lou, I seriously cannot believe you will be a year old in a few short weeks!  Where is the time going??  You are a smiley, happy, and (now) mobile little lady and you seem to just love life.  If you are upset, it usually means you are hungry these days.  A little food tossed your way, and life is great again.  We have all absolutely loved watching you grow and getting to know your little personality over these past 11 months.  We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday with you next month!  Happy 11 months sweet Emmy Lou... I love you!