Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas 2016!

I love the Christmas season.  The music, the decorations, the general Christmas spirit.  It is truly the most wonderful time of the year.  Our Christmas season in general was magical.

Christmas Day in particular.... I'm sure Mike would prefer to leave in the past.

Let me explain.  This Christmas was the year of the stomach bug.  Ugh, is there anything worse than having a stomach bug?  What an awful, awful feeling.  The girls and I ALL got sick on the night of December 22nd.  All four of us.  And Mike was at work.  No exaggeration, that was one of the worst nights of my life.  It is beyond hard to take care of three little people who are throwing up when you yourself are throwing up too and feeling like death.  But as a parent, you have no choice.  These little people need you, so you man up and do it.

I lost count of how many loads of vomit covered laundry I did that night.  I have no idea how many times each of us threw up.  But it was a lot.  A lot.  A LOT.

Addy and I were curled up on my bathroom floor and Emma was handling it on her own in her bathroom.  It would not surprise me one bit if that girl turned out to be a nurse.  At one point I yelled over to her, "Emma, are you doing OK?"  Her response was priceless... "Yup.  I'm just throwing up."  She handled it like a boss.

But anyway, the girls and I were over it by Christmas Day.  And on Christmas Eve just before midnight, Mike and I were finishing up putting presents under the tree when he said, "I don't feel very good."  And it all went downhill from there for him.  He spent Christmas Day layed up on the couch.  I shake my head as I remember that terrible stomach bug.  I'm happy to put that behind us, and next year better be our year!  Last year my Dad had open heart surgery on Christmas Eve.  The year all 5 of us had a stomach bug.  Next year ought to be smooth sailing.  Fingers crossed!

Anyway, despite the illness, and the fact that we were quarantined for about 5 days, and cabin fever was in high gear for all of us, we managed to have a great Christmas.  The girls exclaimed at one point, "Best Christmas EVER!"  (I'm sure Mike would disagree 😉.)

Here are some of the photos of our Christmas season:

The office Christmas tree is up!

Train ride with Santa

Our annual tradition of Breakfast with Santa at the preschool:

Izzy was skeptical, but tolerant as long as her sisters were with her.

This picture is my favorite!  She lost her mind when we put her on Santa's lap by herself 😅

Christmas tree picking day!

We spent all that time roaming around fields looking for the perfect tree, and we ended up finding one at the very end in the pre-cut lot 😏

Girls having fun in the back of the 4Runner while Daddy got the tree secured to the roof

Little did we realize, he put it on backwards, and we were half afraid all of the branches would be blown off by the time we got home.  Lesson learned 😂

Elf hats for all!  Izzy just refused to wear hers 😏

Gingerbread house!

Decorating the tree

Emma striking a pose, as always 😉.

Before Addy's Christmas choir concert

Love this picture of our beautiful oldest girl 💗

Santa came to our neighborhood on a fire truck 😊

Tried to get nice pictures of the girls in these fun Christmas jammies and hats....

Of course, Izzy wanted no part of it....

 ...until Mommy was involved 😉.

Gingerbread House Day at the preschool:

Trying again for those elf pics...
...and failing again...

...and again.

And Mommy is back 😍

Finally got a decent one of them on the bed.  This mama was determined to get her elf photo 😋.

Emma's preschool Christmas show

Sweet, sweet Emma 💜

Getting ready for Addy's school holiday party

And Bass Pro to visit Santa.... the beginning of the end.  That was the night we girls all got sick 😝:

Ha ha another classic holiday photo!

 Christmas cookies!


...but trying to make the best of it.

After two full days of taking care of four sick girls, Daddy is over it 😉
We are finally feeling better!... just in time for Daddy to get sick 😓

Santa came!

Here are some videos from Christmas morning:

(Notice how her crib is still covered with towels in case of more throwing up 😩)

And then, of course the photos from Christmas morning:

Addy's Moana dress and doll

Emma in her beloved Elena of Avalor dress and American girl doll Rebecca

Addy's American girl doll McKenna

The girls with their gifts:

The scene:  The girls playing with all of their new toys while Daddy lays sick on the couch.

When we were finally all feeling better several days later we trekked over to Pop and Grandma Beth's house to celebrate Christmas:

....but apparently we were still contagious....because Pop and Grandma both caught the stomach bug after we left 😬.

Despite it all, they still took the girls for New Year's Eve and had a great time!

Whew, it was a Christmas to remember!  Although we had our fair share of hiccups, the Christmas season with young children is truly magical.  Despite that they were sick, the girls were all still so excited and overcome with joy on Christmas.  And that's what it's all about.  💗💚