Thursday, March 23, 2017

Isabelle: 19 Months!

Dear Bellsey,

This month has been pretty quiet in terms of new and exciting things for you.  It's the dead of winter and we've unfortunately had to spend lots of time indoors.  We got a few nice days at the end of February, but other than that it's been lots of movies and indoor play....which equals bored Izzy... which equals cranky Izzy 😢

At least Addy came to the rescue to help entertain you:

Cheese!  Nice!

One of your big quotes that you came up with this month that always makes us laugh is, "Bye. See ya."  It's so funny hearing you say those little words as you grab your purse and walk away 😁.

All was well at your 18 month doctor's appointment and you again handled your vaccines like a champ.  Here are your stats:

Height: 2 feet 9.25 inches (86th percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs (53rd percentile)
HC: 49.5 cm (99th percentile)
BMI: 14.63 kg/m2

You also had your 18 month checkup with your orthopedic doctor Meagan Fernandez this month and that appointment went well too!  Your hips are developing nicely and we got an X-Ray which showed that "There has been further maturation of the epiphysis on each side. Discrepancy has decreased with only minimal decrease in the size of the left femoral epiphysis compared to the right.  Improved compared to prior exam."  Yay!  We are going back for another checkup when you are 2, but hopefully that will be it!

You are walking and running completely normally, and do not appear to have any delays in the physical department, so we are so happy!  And you certainly don't have any delays in the speech department either.  You are speaking in clear, coherent full sentences, and you amaze everyone that meets you with your language abilities 👍.  You think that you are just as big as your sisters, and you join right in on their games and fun like you totally belong there.  And they accept you with open arms which is so sweet to see 💕.

Here are some pics from this past month:

Valentine's Day:

Monkey Joe's.  You love going there, but once you're there you don't actually play in any of the bounce houses.  You just run around outside of them.

Oh my gosh your love of soccer is the sweetest thing!

Sisterly love 💗

You and your best friend Kelsey at our fire pit on one of those unseasonably warm February Friday nights.  Looks like Kelsey has about had it with the day 😉.

You love a good hat.... because that means you're going outside!

Oh Izzy Leigh, you continue to amaze us with your speech and comprehension.  You continue to exhaust us with your constant need for entertainment.  You continue to make us laugh with your silly antics.  And as always, you continue to keep us on our toes.  We love you so much baby girl!