Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014!

We had a great Christmas this year, and we loved being able to spend it at home, yet close enough to family and friends that we could see everyone within a few days of Christmas.

On Christmas Eve I took the girls to church with my Dad and Beth, which was great (albeit a bit long for hour and a half!), and then we came home, put out the "reindeer food" and cookies and milk for Santa, and got the girls to bed.  Mike and I then watched It's a Wonderful Life as we got ready for the big day.  Perfect :)

Ready for church:

It was unseasonably warm on Christmas Eve, but it was rainy and gross outside.

Christmas Eve at Pop and Grandma Beth's:

Back at home and getting ready for Santa!
Writing him a quick note

Cookies are ready :)

On reindeer watch with Daddy

Christmas Eve past and present

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

We're ready!

Christmas morning!

Snow Glow Elsa was the hot gift for Addy ;)

Emma's favorite gift?  Chapsticks :)

Time to bake that last batch of cookies :)

Daddy's hard at work in the kitchen 

Christmas round two!  The family has arrived!

Just hanging with Grandma

Daisy's on the ready

Dinner is served!

The aftermath

The most awesome gift from my sister: a real, genuine, high quality wedding album!

Christmas, round three!

Love these four!

And last, but not least, Christmas round four!

I think it's safe to say that this holiday was pretty magical for the girls... for all of us really.  We truly had such a wonderful time with our families, and nothing beats the Christmas spirit!  

It is now January 27th.  I sat down to write Addy's birthday post this morning and realized that I never finished my Christmas post!  That's because I have been trying (without any success) to put some of the pictures that Tina took on here.  Tina got some great pictures on Christmas, which of course I cannot seem to open or download on my computer, so we had to make do with the ones I took ;)  Here's one last picture, taken with the self timer on Christmas morning:

 Merry Christmas! (Albeit a little late)
The Hetricks