Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Family is Expanding!

That's right folks, we are expecting baby number 3 late this summer, and on Sunday we found out that....

Yup, we are expecting our third baby girl and we could not be more excited!!!!  I truly feel like I knew all along that it was a girl, mostly based on the fact that this pregnancy has been essentially identical to my other two.  But I definitely had a stronger "girl" feeling this time than I did either of the other two times.  And I'll admit that there is a sense of relief that came with knowing that we were having a girl.  We know girls.  We feel comfortable with girls.  And what's more fun than a household of sisters?!!  

We had our big anatomy ultrasound on Thursday and are thrilled and relieved with the news that everything looks healthy and baby is growing and developing according to schedule.  We had the ultrasound tech put the gender results in an envelope and I drove that envelope straight to Tina's house on Thursday.  She then got a bunch of pink balloons and put them in the box that I made.  We went to her house on Sunday afternoon for the big reveal!  The anticipation was killing me, even waiting those 4 days!  I can't imagine how some people wait until their delivery to find out the gender.  That takes some willpower that Mike and I do not have ;)

Here is the video of our reveal:

And our excited little family :)

The girls are definitely pumped to be getting a sister, especially Addy. (Emmy still seems a bit clueless ;))  It's wonderful knowing that this little lady will arrive with two big sisters ready to love on her and help her as much as possible.  It'll be the sweetest thing :)  Addy talks to my belly every day and tells her new sister that she loves her and can't wait for her to come out :)  This little baby has so many people who love her already and she is one lucky little girl, just as we are one lucky family to be blessed with another child.  

Here's to the next adventure!