Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Isabelle: 18 Months!

Dear Squizz,

You are a year and a half old now!  And everyone always says you seem so much older because you talk like crazy!  Honestly you speak better than most two-year-olds.  But both of your sisters were the same way, so I guess it runs in the family.

These days you are super into soccer and you are always wanting to play with your "soccer ball".  Unfortunately it's still winter, so it makes it a bit tough to play outside.  So we brought the little soccer ball inside, and you LOVE playing with it.  It'll be so interesting to see if you grow up to play soccer.

You adore your Aunt Tina and we laugh at the way you say her name: Tay-na.  Tina got it on video, because we know in a matter of weeks you'll be saying it correctly and we'll miss this cute little saying.  And you still call yourself A-belle, which is adorable as well.  Tina managed to capture both of these in her video:

Your favorite show is Calliou, and we joke that it's probably because he whines as much as you do 😉.  But you are always asking for Calliou.  Sometimes I admittedly wish your attention span was long enough to actually watch a full episode and give mama some peace, but I haven't found anything that will hold your attention for longer than 5 minutes.

You like to sing Happy Birthday and add "Cha cha cha" into the song which is so funny!  Haven't caught that one on video, but it's "Happy birthday to you...cha cha cha".  And hearing your tiny voice saying that makes me laugh every time. 😁

Some of your favorite things these days are your babies.  You like to push them around in a stroller or rock them and you say "Mama, rock a baby".  Speaking of which, you like when we rock you like a baby too, so when you say that you usually want us to pick you up and rock you, to which I will gladly oblige 😃

You are growing up so fast, and I know that all of these moments and cute sayings are so fleeting.  Before we know it you'll be off to school and the baby days will be a distant memory.

Here are some of the pictures I captured of you from this past month:

Fun at the children's library

I had to get this picture of you because we have this picture of Emma at a very similar age 😊

Oh my gosh, the treadmill.  No matter how hard I try to keep you away from it, that thing is your own personal jungle gym 😉.

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge for Addy's 6th birthday and you had a great time!

You especially loved the arcade, but really just this particular part where you climbed under this railing over and over... and over again. 😉

Sky Zone!  You had your first trip to Sky Zone, and you really got into it!

Dressing up like a pixie for Sadie's birthday party 😊

Aw A-belle, I love you so!  You are tough as nails to handle sometimes, but you are my precious baby girl, and that will never change.  I love you baby girl!