Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Self Portrait

June marks a month that Mike and I had a big trip to Vegas....alone!  Well, not alone, but without Addy, so it was a different kind of trip for us.  No hauling along a pack-and-play, stoller, high chair, etc.  No packing diapers or extra outfits in case of accidents.  No bringing along endless snacks, books, toys, and other distractractions to keep the child quiet on the plane.  You never realize how easy it is to travel alone until you are used to traveling with children.  Now, I did still have to pack all of that stuff, because we took Addy to my moms while we were gone, but once she was there, we were home free!  We flew to Vegas in peace and quiet, and enjoyed a nice relaxing trip amongst adults only.  Ahhhh :)

Here I am after the wedding that brought us out there in the first place.  My step-sister, Erin got married in Vegas (because she lives there), and I was so glad that my mom was able to watch Addy for a few days so that Mike and I could go.  It was a great wedding and a really fun trip!

Don't mind my wild hair in this picture.  It was sooooo windy in that spot where I was standing.  Tina took two pics and the second one is closer up, but my hair really looks out of control in that one, so I spared all of you the close-up.

A few people made comments like, "Vegas when you are pregnant?  That can't be too fun."  Well, those people inevitably didn't have children, because if they did, they would know that anywhere, anytime you can take a trip without your children you jump on it.  I truly didn't mind the non-alcoholic view of Vegas at all.  I could get up when I wanted to, do what I wanted to do without worrying about how naps were going to factor in.  I could enjoy time away from it all with my husband, which I think is so important to do every once in while.  I could go out to eat at a nice leisurely pace at whatever time of the night or day I felt like going.  I could sit at the pool and relax with a good book for hours.  Not fun?  I beg to differ.

Happy June!


  1. Love it! It was such a fun vacation. Can't wait to see you Fridayyy:)

  2. My favorite part about no alcohol during pregnancy? No hangover! I was pregnant with Ava during football season, and we would have people over to watch the game a good bit. Late one night, everyone was out on the patio starting to get rowdy, and I thought to myself, "Now would be a great time to mop the kitchen floor." Ha! I was up and at it early the next morning while Allen slept off his night. (Sorry for the novel, just couldn't help but mention that story! There ARE perks!)