Sunday, December 23, 2012

Roadtrip: Part Three

OK, this is the last post about our trip to PA.  We just did so much in those ten days that it was too much to blog about all at once! 

Our last segment of the trip was in Hollidaysburg, where Addy got to spend lots of time playing with her favorite pal Luca.  Here they are in all of their glory:

This video cracks me up!

These two are so darn cute together!  Makes me really wish we lived closer so that they can play more often.  Addy talks about Luca all the time :)

The whole family came over to Mike's parent's house to meet Emma, and Emma got to play with Mike's cousin's baby, Ella :)
Precious baby girls :)

Addy rocked her new outfit from Grandma D

... and her new coat from Aunt Sue :) 
 We took Addy and Luca to the Railroaders Museum and they loved it!
 But their favorite part was definitely playing with the trains in the gift shop, ha ha!

Addy played the piano, as always.  Who knows, maybe she'll play someday!

We got ice cream from Ritchey's Dairy.  Their chocolate butter fudge is to die for!  And since we aren't able to go very often, Mike asked the girl to put as much as she could fit in the cone.... and she didn't disappoint!

Addy played with her new drum set from Aunt Lauren, Uncle Alex, and Luca.  To this day she absolutely loves it!  Such a great gift!
And last, but not least, Addy got her teeth checked for the first time at Pap's office!  I wasn't sure how she would do, but I had been prepping her for weeks on opening her mouth big and wide, and she did amazingly well!
A little skeptical at first...
 But then she got those sunglasses on, and took her job seriously!  This picture cracks me up!

I even got a "Cheese!" out of her!

She stayed still for the whole exam and we were so proud of our big girl!

Pap and Grandma got some snuggles with Emma, and before we knew it, it was time to head home to NC.
Despite the stress of traveling with two children under the age of two, we had a fantastic time on our ten day northern excursion!  It's always so wonderful to see our families, and we miss them all so much!  I know I say it a lot, but it's tough living so far away now that we have kids.  It's hard for us to travel, and I know it's only going to get harder.  I'm still holding out hope that one day we will be back there, but for now we're livin' the dream down here in NC ;)  To all of our family up north, we love you and we miss you every day!

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  1. Addy in those glasses - too cute! I'm surprised she tolerated the dentist visit:) And I love that video! So cute how much fun they have together:)