Friday, January 11, 2013

Addy: 23 Months!

Dear Addy Marie,

Only one more month until you are 2!!!  Can you believe it?  Because I sure can't.  I feel like it was just yesterday that you were Emmy's age, and now you are such a big girl!

Your little dimples are becoming more and more pronounced these days, and I really took notice this past month.  I love them!  You have this new way of smiling for pictures, and I'm not sure where you learned it, but it's comical for sure.  Check it out:

Ha ha! You always do the head tilt, hand to the face pose.  So funny!!

This pose also reminds me of another new thing you have started to do this month.  When you hear something, you stop and put your hand to your ear and whisper, "Listen."  And then you get your intense concentration look until you figure out what it is that you're hearing.  You crack me up little lady!

I would say that your favorite toy of this past month is your kaleidoscope.  You have figured out how to use it, which undoubtedly helps.  You used to put it up to your forehead (in between your eyes) and you could never quite figure out the appeal of that toy, ha ha.  But once you discovered that you need to look INTO it, you are now fascinated with it.  You try to say the word too, and considering what a long word it is, you do pretty darn well.

Which brings me to my next point.  You have some pretty impressive speech skills for how young you are.  It's fairly easy to understand what you are saying and you are now putting several words together in phrases. You can also count to ten... without skipping five!  Ha ha, you relented and let five back into your counting sequence.  You are awesome with colors too, and you can name them all.  We are currently working on recognizing shapes and letters.  We practice letters with the magnetic ones on the fridge, and you can pick out the letter "A" for "Addy".  Sometimes you can find the "D" for "Daddy" and the "M" for "Mommy" too.  You are a very smart little girl and we are constantly amazed by how quickly you catch on to things that you are taught.

Recently you fell back in love with all of your push toys, and you love to zoom around the hardwood floors with them.  Especially your princess car.  You like to ride around the house collecting things and putting them in the trunk of your car.  So if we are ever missing anything, we know that if we look in your princess car, we are likely to find it.  

Your drum set from Aunt Lauren continues to be a favorite toy, and you love marching around with Mommy and Daddy playing music :)

You like to snuggle with your dolls, and you are a good little Mommy to them :)

You got some beautiful jewels from Aunt Erin for Christmas and you insist on wearing your tiara like so:
It reminds me of how Aunt Tina used to wear her headbands when she was little.

Beautiful earrings and necklace!  Now all you need is some hair, ha ha!

You are still fairly obsessed with the TV and IPad, and limiting your use is a daily struggle.  But you have finally relented with the IPad at least.  You know that you are only allowed to use it while I feed Emmy, so as soon as I'm done you are very good about turning it off and putting it away.  So we're making progress :)  You favorite show is the Little Einsteins, which I really like a lot too.  It's educational, and Grandma Hetrick loves it because it teaches kids about music :)  Maybe you will play an instrument someday!

We have a nightly routine (which we've always had) that has now expanded to include being covered up with multiple blankets.  You were demanding four blankets for a short period of time until we nixed that because you were constantly waking up in a sweat!  So we weaned you to two blankets, and you will not go to bed without two.  When I put one blanket over you, you look up at me and say, "Other."  You're such a quirky little thing :)

Playing outside remains one of your favorite things to do, and now that you are getting older you can really play with Daisy!

Addy, I am pleased to say that this month has been drastically easier with you than the past couple have been.  Your tantrums have markedly reduced, and Daddy and I are breathing a sigh of relief about that.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that you have been healthy all month, so you are feeling good.  No colds, no new teeth.  Also, the older you are getting, the more you are able to communicate with us what you need.  So some of your frustration at not being understood is fading away.

You continue to be an amazing big sister to little Emmy.  You can always make her smile, and when you do, you look at us and say, "Emmy happy!"  You are such a sweet little girl and everyone just adores you.  From your teachers to your friends, to (of course) your family.  We all think you are the greatest, and you bring so much joy to our lives!  

I love you to pieces Addy Marie!



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