Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Tough Shot

These days Addy is VERY difficult to photograph.  For some reason she refuses to look at the camera and smile.  She will turn her head away at the last second and smile with her back to you.  Or she'll look at you but won't smile.  Or worse, give the fakest smile you've ever seen.  And it drives me crazy, because I adore Addy's precious little smile.  So I try hard to capture it on film.  But lots of times, it's to no avail.  Here are the types of shots I've gotten lately:

Puckered lips

Flat out refused to smile

The smile and look anywhere but the camera (She loves this move.)

Still cannot get over that this actually occurred.  She honestly fell asleep on her chair.  First and last time this ever happened.

Mad that I would even consider trying to get a picture of her with a pretty bow in her hair

Fakest smile you've ever seen

Then, one day a few weeks ago we put on her chef outfit so that she could help me in the kitchen....

Sad face

Surprised face

Shy face

Excited face

Curious face

Silly face

We had to go through all of these faces before we finally captured....

Happy face!

I love my little girl!!!.... and her many faces!

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  1. Ahhh the many faces of Addy Marie:) I love the one where she looks SO mad with the bow in her hair! Hilarious!