Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Self Portrait

A large part of this month was dedicated to party preparation for Emma's first birthday!  We went all out for Addy's first birthday, and I wanted Emma to have a day that was just as special.  

I went through every picture that we have from the past year and picked out a few (or 225) that I would use for a little "Emmy slide show", and then I went through all of our music to pick out the perfect songs to play alongside the slide show.  I love showcasing how much they change in a year's time.  It's so fun to look back on all of those moments that seem like only yesterday, and at the same time seem like a million years ago.

The theme for the party was "Lace and Southern Grace", thought up by Uncle Jay :)  It was the perfect theme for our dainty little lady the month after we moved from North Carolina.  We served up traditional Southern food like BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, and cornbread.  And we had sweet tea and homemade lemonade.  Tina and I put some little lace bands on a bunch of mason jars that we bought for people to drink lemonade out of, and they turned out really cute!

So here I am, hot glue gun in hand, putting some finishing touches on the mason jar project:

Our color scheme was yellow and pink, so we ordered pink straws for the mason jars, and the lemonade would obviously be yellow.  I got pink and yellow candy, decorations, flowers, tablecloths, etc.  It was all inspired by the awesome invites that were designed by Lemonade Design Studio on Etsy.  Tina's pictures combined with Monica's invite design made for the cutest little invitations I have ever seen!  And then the cake, oh the cake!!  It was the most beautiful cake, and so very perfect for Emma's big day.  Tina ordered it from The Couture Cakery and Jasmine did an AMAZING job!

The party turned out really well, and I think everyone (especially Emmy!) had a great time.  One of the wonderful things about being back in PA is that more of our family can come to these events without it being a major hassle for everyone.  I am so glad that Emma was able to celebrate her first birthday in style, surrounded by her loving family.  We are so blessed!

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