Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Isabelle's Hospital Pictures

Here are some of the pics that were taken between IPhone and Tina with her camera when Izzy was in the hospital... before the NICU ;)

Isabelle Leigh

Izzy and Aunt Tina

I had to include this one.  Here I am in all my glory: blood pressure cuff on, gown falling down, IV in the arm, layed up in the bed... taking photos with the professional camera ;)

Bath time!

My precious notebook, used to record the birth stories of all 3 of my babies :)

The heart in the curtain

That's our Izzy... She's a pistol!

Mike flashing three fingers for his third little girl :)

 Ready to meet their baby sister!

Coming in to meet Izzy!

Found Daddy

Addy was soooo excited!

She held her...

...and sang to her:

(Note that Mama's gonna buy her a "mopping" bird ;))

Emma was excited too...

...to see Mommy.  She was pretty indifferent when it came to Izzy ;)

My three little ladies.  Love them all to the moon!

Our crazy crew :)

The big girls got a gift from their baby sister...

Rubble from Paw Patrol!

Everyone is here and ready to meet Izzy Leigh!

Precious angel :)  There is a lot of love for you little girl!

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