Friday, February 12, 2016

Isabelle: 6 Months!

Dear Belle Belle Lady,

Wow!  We made it half a year!  I can't get over how far we've come in these past few months and how much your personality has changed.  You are so much happier now, and this stage of infancy is one of my favorites.  You are smiley and interactive, but still not mobile, ha ha!

That's right, not mobile yet.  You have rolled over a few times (in both directions), but you still aren't rolling over with any consistency.  You are content to just lay where we put you... as long as someone is playing with you.  While you are a lot happier than you used to be, you still don't like being alone.  If we put you somewhere and walk away, you start crying.  But the second we come back?  Huge smiles.  Addy used to be just like this I remember.  Luckily you have not one, but two older sisters who are usually more than willing to entertain you.

The bouncer is definitely your favorite thing at this point, and watching you flail around in there with your hair flopping all over the place is hilarious!

You have gone from being a growler to being a screecher!  And boy do you get loud!  You have also started saying "Da da", which is your first syllable and so adorable to hear you say.  I love when I'm holding you and you softly and slowly start saying "Da da".  It is so very sweet.  You are growing up right before my eyes!

Speaking of growing up, you are going through a major growth spurt and have been eating a ton lately!  That is some great news peanut!  I have been doing weighted feeds for you occasionally just out of curiosity and I was right.  You have been averaging about 30 oz a day when you are nursing, which is a HUGE jump from a few short weeks ago when you were barely eating 20 oz a day!  At night you have even taken 7 oz in one feeding!  No complaints here.  I am so unbelievably happy that you are eating better and gaining weight.

Here are your 6 month stats:

Weight: 15 lbs (27th percentile) Up from the 14th percentile last time!  Yay!
Length: 26.75 inches (81st percentile)
HC: 44 cm (90th percentile)

You had a great appointment, and Dr. Zimmerman was so proud of your progress.  You are eating without difficulty, gaining weight, no more Zantac, no more brace.  Life is good!  You got 4 shots and one oral vaccine at this appointment and you (as always) took them like a champ,  Honestly, you barely cried!  And you had no fever or anything afterward either.  You got the flu shot (or half of it anyway.  You need the second dose in a month.), which is why you ended up needing so many shots.

You are pretty much exclusively breastfed now.  I haven't pumped in weeks, and I could shout from the rooftop with joy on that account!  You nurse for less than 10 minutes total (about 4 minutes per side) and then we're done.  It's glorious.  You are nursing 5 times a day and usually once at night (occasionally twice, blah.).  And you have a little routine where, like clockwork, you burp twice after eating.  The first one is what I call "the warning burp", and your second one comes with a little spit up.  Every time ;)

So our typical day is waking up at 6:30 (I'd really love to push this to the 7:00 hour.), eat, play and then nap around 8 or 8:30.  Then you get up and nurse again around 10:00, play, nap.  Up around 1:00, eat, play, nap.  Up around 4:00, eat, play and then bed around 7:00-7:30.  And then you get up once during the night between 2-5AM to eat.  I'd love to be rid of this feed and have you sleep through the night, but I am still struggling with viewing you as this tiny, underweight baby that needs to eat at every opportunity.  And although I'm sure you could make it through the night without eating by this point, you really do seem starving and you eat a lot when you wake up at night.  Therefore, I haven't pushed it.  And sweet things like this happen in the middle of the night, so I really don't mind:

You love to sleep with your crocheted blanket from Dani, just like Emma does.

You have been going to sleep so easily as long as you have this blanket.  We lay you down, and as soon as we cover you with this blanket you roll on your left side, pull the blanket over your head, and suck your thumb.  It's so sweet.  We wrap you up in your red blanket first and then put this one on top, but the days of wrapping you are coming to an end, because you are often out of that wrap by the morning.

You do laugh, but you still make us work for it.  Typically you will only laugh if we are laughing.  You don't seem to be ticklish, but we still try.  Here's a little video example.  When I laugh, you do.  Otherwise, forget it.

The blizzard of 2016 happened during your sixth month and we got about 2.5 FEET of snow!  It was crazy, but also fun.  Your sisters were at Pop and Grandma's house so Daddy and I got a weekend alone with our baby girl, which was awesome!  We slept when you slept, and we took you to get togethers at neighbors houses on both nights.  It was a lot of fun!

My blizzard buddies :)

Your hair seems to be getting lighter and lighter, and in some lighting it even looks blond:
Ha ha Emma photobomb in the back.  And you with that tongue.  You love to stick your tongue out!  And though your hair looks blond in this photo, it often has a reddish tint and reminds us of Aunt Lauren and Meemaw's hair.

Here are some other photos of you from this past month:
Post tub time.  You love getting a bath and I love this picture of you.  You big, bright eyes and sweet little smile paired with your signature crazy hair.  I just love it!

Looking sooooo big sitting in Emma's chair!

Holding your own bottle like a big girl!

One of your blizzard party nights at Jesse and Annette's house :)

All dressed up for Addy's birthday

Ready for the Steelers game!

Ha ha! Wild and crazy!

Post-ponytail hair in full force!

Back to your favorite game of "Eat Feet".  If you are cranky, we just have to strip you down, lay you on your changing mat and let you gnaw on your toes.  Then you'll be happy as a clam :)

And last, but not least, here are your 6 month photos:

I love looking at all of these pictures of my happy, smiling baby!  These pictures looked like they were easy to take, but it is getting harder and harder every month.  You were bound and determined to play "Eat Feet" during our photo shoot ;)

Well Iz, there you have it.  You are half a year old already!  I really, really love this stage and I am trying to savor every last moment.  You will be my last baby and I want to make every day count :)  You are a sweet, smiley little thing and I love to see your huge smile when you catch a glimpse of me.  I love the way you bury into my chest and suck your thumb when I pick you up.  I love how you try desperately to get a handful of my hair and suck on it at every opportunity.  I love that you love to eat your feet.  And I love that you love us.  All of us.  Your sisters, your Daddy, and me.  We are your whole world and we're blessed to have you to love :)



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