Friday, March 11, 2016

Isabelle: 7 Months!

Dear Bellsey,

You are so much fun these days and I love, love, love that gummy grin!  No teeth yet, and we don't see any on the horizon, but that doesn't mean that you aren't shoving anything and everything that you can get your hands on in your mouth.  You especially love my hair.  Yup, when you are tired and I hold you, you grab my hair, shove it in your mouth and then immediately begin sucking your thumb.  My hair is like your comfort.  I'm trying to steer you toward something else like a blankie or a toy, because now my hair is always sticky from being in your mouth, and it hurts when you are constantly pulling on it.  But boy do you get mad when my hair is in a ponytail and you can't get it!

And speaking of putting things in your mouth, you have started eating solids, and you take them like a champ!  I haven't made baby food like I did for your sisters (sorry, things like this happen with a third child), and we have been giving you a lot more of what we are eating, just mashed up.  My thought process is that number one: I spent all of that time making baby food for your sisters and they are still the pickiest eaters ever; and number two: I just do not have the time for making baby purees these days.  So you get what we get, and you love it!  We have yet to find a food that you won't eat.

We started you out with rice cereal mixed with breast milk and you quickly progressed onto many other foods!

You get a mashed banana in the mornings, a container of stage one baby food at lunch, and bits of what we are eating at dinner.  You've come so far in the past month!  At the beginning of the month you would only eat about 1/3 of a container of food at a time, and now you eat a whole one and sometimes it looks like you want more!

Aunt Tina, this one's for you, ha ha!  She hates pictures of babies with food all over their faces :)

You are still essentially immobile, and you seem pretty content to be that way.  You don't sit up yet, but I have a feeling that is coming soon.  You will roll from your belly to your back because you hate to be on your belly, but then you remain planted on your back.  I call it your "dead bug" move.  You just lay on your back and flail around.  We can still put you in the pink bouncy seat with no fear of you trying to get out.  I'll tell you, that $5 seat that I bought when I was pregnant with Addy has been worth it's weight in gold.  One of these days soon enough we'll have to put it away for good, but I'll take these days where you stay where I put you for as long as I can!

Now, you may be a bit "behind" on the physical milestones, but you are a talker already.  All three of my girls were the same.  Late on the rolling and moving, early on the verbal.  You say "Da-da", "Ma-ma", "Na-na" and "Ba-ba".  And you are still a growler and a moaner.  Every morning I know you are awake because you start growling in your crib.  You are actually almost never quiet unless you are asleep.  You are either "talking", growling, moaning, whining, or crying....all day long.  And although you are worlds better than you were as a newborn, you are still not the most content baby on the planet.  You like to be entertained, and luckily your sisters are still happy to take on that job!

That hair!  Izzy, your hair is so long and it is really lightening up.  And now we have to do something with it every day or it's in your eyes.

Baby's first pigtails!

That length is insane to me!!

And here you are, Florida ready!  We took you on your first plane ride and first big trip this month!  That'll be a whole post in itself, but for now I'll just say, you were a total champ!

Sleep-wise you are getting better and better everyday.  You often go all night without eating, although you rarely "sleep through the night".  You almost always wake up between 4-5AM, and I decide whether or not to feed you based on how upset you get.  If you are just moaning a little bit then I let it go, but sometimes you full on wail, in which case I get up and nurse you.  And in Florida I fed you every morning around 4AM when you woke up because I didn't want you waking up the rest of the family with your moaning and groaning.  You usually take three naps a day and nurse 4-5 times a day (and sometimes once at night).  We're going to wean down on the nursing a little bit soon since you are eating more solids.  But you were even a champ with that at Disney, nursing in public on the fly.  That was a new experience for both of us and I think we both handled it very well :)

There's your seventh month in a nutshell!  Here are your 7 month photos, which were so fun to take because it's easy to make you smile, and you aren't trying to crawl away yet.  You did try to eat the 7 month sticker several times, but we managed ;)

Izzy, I love to hold and snuggle your little smooshy self.  I love that I am your biggest comfort.  I love that you smile when you see your sisters, even though you cry when you see me.  When you see me, you better be in my arms within 3 seconds or else!  Hence the tears ;)  I love hearing you say "Ma-ma".  I love that when you are crying, as soon as I pick you up you nuzzle into my chest and take a deep breath of relief.  I love to kiss your soft, smooth, squishy cheeks all day long.  You are my little munchkin and I absolutely adore you!  Happy 7 Month birthday!



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