Friday, May 13, 2016

Christmas 2015!

OK, so I am a few short months late on this one.  Ha ha!  Somehow life really gets in the way of this blog.  (I can't imagine how, with three kids ages five and under, ha ha!)  But I want to record the big life moments and holidays so that we can always look back on them, so even though it's May... let's talk about Christmas!

This Christmas was one to remember in more ways than one.  It was Izzy's first Christmas, which is always special :)  And the girls are old enough to really look forward to it and love it, which was awesome to experience.  And my dad ended up needing emergency heart surgery on Christmas Eve.  Yup, that last one was a zinger.  Plans got rearranged, but we all came together to love and support one another, and in that sense, it was amazing.  Dad recovered beautifully and we are all so very thankful for that Christmas miracle.

But back to the beginning of the season and Christmas jammies!  And oh my gosh I forgot how wild Izzy's hair was, ha ha!

Aw, we have Mike reading them the 12 Days of Christmas.  They loved that book this year and you could often find all of us belting out the song on car rides during the month of December :)

Addy and Emmy loved their Christmas dresses and would have worn them daily if I let them.  So what better thing to do while all dressed up than get married... and have a baby... and go to the hospital.  Watch the video to see what I'm talking about ;)

We had breakfast with Santa at the girls preschool:

We went to a Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect tree.  We went with two trees again this year.  An artificial one in the office for everyone to see from the road when they drove by and a real one in the family room for us to enjoy.  Real trees are messy and they are a pain, but I love them just the same.  There is something about that tradition of picking out your perfect tree every year.  And the scent, you just can't beat it :)

Ha ha!  That's Izzy all nestled in between us!  All you can see is her hat!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the girls!  On the hayride after finding our tree :)

Family selfie!

The train!  All three girls really loved the train around the Christmas tree.  Even Izzy was mesmerized by it, and if she was cranky we could just lay her down next to the tree, turn the train on, and she would calm down :)

Decorating the tree:

Oh and Santa!  We met Santa literally four times in a week this year!  He was everywhere ;)

We decorated gingerbread houses with Addy's class:

Izzy is ready for the season:

I love this picture!  Ready to meet Santa (again) at Bass Pro Shop :)

Planting candy cane seeds:

The result!

Year two with these monogrammed outfits:

Izzy's first ponytail!

Emma's school holiday party:  

She was the only one in class that had a solo!

Time for Addy's class holiday party!

A snip it of Addy's show:

Izzy got her brace off three days before Christmas!  Happy girl!

First time in the doorway jumper!

And first time in the jumper:  (She loves that thing to this day!)

Christmas Eve photos:

Izzy's patience wore thin ;)

Santa came!

Christmas morning!!!

Addy's favorite toy was the Elsa guitar:

Emma's was probably this driving wheel:

Aunt Tina gifted them with an awesome girls day!

Ha ha!  Family:

The girls with their cousins Aiden and Caleb:

As I am looking through my pictures I realize that I didn't get a Hetrick family photo this year :(  Darn!  We must have been too busy having fun to take pics.  But there was our Christmas 2015!  It was a wonderful season, and we have so very much to be thankful for!  Merry Christmas... in May ;)

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