Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Isabelle: 14 Months!

Dear Squishy,

Big news this month is that you learned how to stand AND you took your first steps!  You learned to stand, and about two weeks later (a week shy of your 14 month birthday) you took those momentous first steps.  You are right on par with when your sisters learned to walk.  All of my girls were early on the verbal game and late on the physical game.  So interesting how you have all been basically the same in that way.

Here are some videos to document the big moments:


Right before you started to walk you were rocking the bear crawl.

Those were steps!

You are so proud of yourself that you can stand!

Your sisters get a kick out of it too.  They are your biggest cheerleaders!

In other news, you are talking up a storm and you've learned how to say "Emma".  We are still working on Addy.

You are still rocking some serious bedhead, although now that your hair is longer it doesn't stick up quite as much.  It's more like mophead now. 😉

You are a great sleeper at night, and you are still taking two naps a day for the most part.  We may transition you to one nap soon since both of your naps are pretty short.  Only an hour or so.  But at night you sleep for about 12 hours (7-7).  (Unless you are counting this video, in which you slept until after 9AM for two days in a row!)

Emma got a new car for her birthday (It feels funny saying that, ha ha!), and you love when she gives you a ride.  Actually, you just love being outside period.  Swinging, playing at the park, walking around.  Anything.  As long as it's outside.

This is a different car, at a birthday party.  Maybe you just love to cruise 😉

You like to be in charge of the tunes in Emma's car.  You get in and immediately get to work on starting some music. 😁

Love that little face trying to balance 😛

Emma also got some Barbies for her birthday and you have been loving playing with those.  And I am getting my first glimpses of you really playing with your sisters.

You have been able to go up the steps for a few weeks now, but now you can go down the steps correctly too.  You are understanding how to scoot down on your belly, which gives me a little bit of piece of mind.

As far as eating, you love your pouches, but other than that, you just eat what we eat.  But, the issue we have with you is choking.  Yup, you choke, like A LOT.  Nothing too scary, but it often seems like you don't really chew.  And then all of the sudden we look over and you have five pieces of food in your mouth that you are trying to swallow.  For the most part you just cough a little bit and then you're fine.  Gosh, I feel like mom of the year even writing this paragraph.  But I don't remember having this problem with your sisters.  Just you Iz 😉.  Always keeping us on our toes.  And oddly, apples are the one food that you cannot handle.  You end up choking and coughing so much that you throw up.  I believe it has happened three times while eating bits of apple.  So we are done with apples for now.  I'm hoping this whole choking issue is short lived, because even for two parents in the medical field, it's a little nerve-wracking.

I would say your favorite things this month are your sisters.  You just want to be where they are and be doing what they're doing. 💗

Happy 14 months squishy lady!  I love you and that little tongue of yours 😋

Here is the only picture I have of the two of us from this past month.  It makes me laugh.  We are at chocolate world, the sweetest place on earth, and you are letting me know that you are still displeased.  Your little personality is one for the books Squish. 😏 I love you to pieces.  Every grumpy bone in your body! 😉



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