Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Isabelle: 17 Months!

Dear Belle-Belle Lady,

Well, over this past month you have gotten the opportunity to find our pal Christopher the Elf with your big sisters.  You love finding him and it brings you the same excitement that it brings them.  Christopher the Elf and your You Are My Sunshine book = two things that bring you lots of joy.  I have so many videos this month of you and You Are My Sunshine:

Love how you really hone in on the word "gray" here 😄

Boy oh boy, do you LOVE that book.  You must bring it to us at least 20 times a day.  You also love Goodnight Moon, and you ask for "Moon" on a regular basis.

You have started getting into finger painting.  We use the "No Mess" Color Wonder paint so it's not a total disaster 😉

You love the VBS song number one (we call it Oh oh oh).  You would listen to it on repeat continuously if we let you.  Calliou is your favorite TV show, although no show holds your interest for long.  Every time we take your picture you say "Cheese!  Nice!"  It's so cute 😊.

Here is another random thing that you love: fuzzies.  Yup, fuzzies off of your blanket or something like that.  You find one and always feel the need to show it to me and then immediately stick your thumb in your mouth.  Fuzzies have the same effect as your blanket does - having a fuzzy equals thumb in mouth.  Sometimes when I move your crib to vacuum behind it, the floor is covered in fuzzies from you picking them and dropping them behind your crib.  Pretty soon there will be nothing left of your blanket.

Speaking of your blanket, I think its interesting that all three of you girls call your blankets by something different.  Addy's is "blankie", Emma's is "purple", and you call yours just "blanket". 

A new thing that started this month is that Addy and Emma get you out of your crib in the morning.  Yup.  Not sure how they do it.  I'm sure they just drag you out somehow.  But sure enough, I wake up to all three of you standing next to my bed in the morning 😇.

You have a couple new sayings, and your favorite is "I see you!".  Wow, if I had a penny for every time you said that during the day.  "Mama.  I see you."  "Addy.  I see you."  "Emma.  I see you."  "Dada.  I see you."  You especially love to say it in the car, and I think what you mean to say is, " I can't see you.''  Because you are still rear facing.  Ha ha.  But you love to sit there, whenever, wherever and tell everyone that you see them.

Your next new saying is, "Come on!  Run!"  You are really learning how to run, and you want everyone else to run with you 😊.  And, as always you love to be outside.  It doesn't matter that it's winter now and awfully cold to be outside.  You'll come up to me and say "Coat.  Shoes.  Outside."  Or you'll just bring me your coat and shoes and say, "Outside."  

I have a little video of you outside on Christmas Day.  Oh boy, this Christmas was one to remember.  You, me, Addy, and Emma all got a stomach bug a few days before Christmas.  It was BAD.  One of the worst nights I've ever had was the night that all four of us were throwing up and Daddy was at work.  I have this mental picture of going into your room after you threw up, picking you up to rush you to the tub, and practically throwing you in the tub because I needed to throw up.   I threw up in the toilet right next to you and you threw up again.  In the tub.  Talk about tough parenting moments.  That night it took everything I had to take care of you.  And then your sisters were both throwing up too to top it off.  A night that goes down in the Hetrick record books.


Anyway, onto the video.  We quarantined ourselves for so many days before this, and you were finally feeling better.  (Side note:  The stomach bug decided to hit Daddy on this very day.  Christmas Day. 😝  )

Here are some photos of you from this past month:

At Emma's gingerbread house day at school.  No doubt eating a snack to keep you happy 😉

You and your Daddy 💙

I was trying to get pictures of you and your sisters in your cute jammies, but you WOULD NOT cooperate.  The smiles only came out during snuggles with Mama. 💓  You are SO attached to me right now.  Refusing to go to Sunday school, where you used to love it.  Separation anxiety has begun.

Trying out the potty for the first time....

You were skeptical to say the least 😏.

I love this picture of you and Aunt Tina!

Bass Pro to see Santa.  This the beginning of the end.  We were happy as clams here, but this is the night we all got sick 😝

Was it from some bug we picked up at Bass Pro?  We'll never know.

Sick as dogs 😓

Christmas morning and feeling better!

Pretty sure your favorite gift was your own box of candy canes!

Here you are with all of your Christmas gifts!

You LOVE that Wonder Woman headband!  Just hanging out shirtless, with a Wonder Woman headband, eating a Pedialyte popsicle 😏

Our Christmas train fascinated you. 😊

Ready for the PSU bowl game!

Touchdown Penn State!

Here you are on your 17 month birthday, in your very first dress up outfit.  This marks the beginning of years of fun ahead with dress up .😍

Izzy you are so darn cute and lots of fun.  I love how you call yourself A-belle, and how you love to tell us that you see us.  I love that you love to do what your sisters are doing.  I love your silly "Cheese!" smile.  I love your love of candy canes.  And most of all, I love your love of your mama 💓.

My littlest lady, my buddy, my sidekick.  I love you Belle Belle 💗.



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