Thursday, April 27, 2017

Isabelle: 20 Months!

Dear Belly Baby,

You are so animated and verbal that you crack us up every day!  Your recent sayings include:
"Oh my gosh!!"
"Never mind" and
Hearing these little sayings come out of a one and a half year old's mouth is nothing short of hilarious!

You are becoming more and more bossy every day and we joke (kinda) that you rule this family.  One thing is for sure: you don't let those big sisters of yours push you around!

Things you are loving this month include green beans, which you call "dippies".

You enjoy hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's closet and creating some chaos in there.  Mostly you just like putting on Daddy's hats and rifling through Mommy's hanging shirts saying "Hm, let's see", just like an adult would while choosing an outfit 😂.  Hearing you say that makes me laugh every time!

Oh boy and do you love putting on other people's shoes!  When you walked up to me with Addy's snow boots on saying "Outside!!"  I just had to snap a picture:

And then there's these random things that you show up with:
Swim diaper on your head and a bib on in case of a mid day snack 😜

After your bath I sit you up here on the counter to brush your hair and teeth while you admire your gorgeous self 😉:

And here we are again.  Another day, another time throwing on Addy's snow boots and demanding to go outside.  I'm so mean aren't I?

Here's a little video to really showcase the mood of that morning:

And when I finally relented...
Look at that shine in your eyes!

Out we went!

Not so sure about the sled

Can't get that Sound of Music song out of my head..."Snowflakes that stay on my nose on eyelashes"

Family selfie!  A little bright out there I suppose 😉

Snowball eating fun!

And just a few days later, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Doing a little Irish Jig with Emmy:

Fun with Grandma with Kayla:

And here's a little glimpse of your play dates with your best friend Kelsey:

Cousin time!

Can't resist those potty time pictures!  You have gone in the potty two times in your life, both around 18 months of age.  Since then you will occasionally sit there, but you never actually go.

Oh boy do you LOVE swimming!  And you have no fear, which is slightly terrifying.

It's free cone day at Dairy Queen!

Oh my gosh you, you are learning how to say your name!  I am going to miss the days of "A-belle", and I have a feeling that nickname might stick anyway 😉.

And then came the big haircut day!  I'll devote a whole post to this, but here is a little glimpse:

  I'd say it was high time for a little cleanup 😉

Guess what arrived in the mail?  Your backpack and lunch box!  I can't believe you are starting school in the fall, but boy are you excited!

You love your fleece Minnie Mouse socks (just in time for fleece sock season to be over) and your Minnie Mouse shirt.

A look at your Busy Izzy self:

Outside.  Your happy place.

Watching Emma play your favorite sport: soccer!

Maybe if I put on my big sister's coat someone will take me back outside:

And we celebrated your 20 month birthday with another play date with Kelsey.  You two are the cutest together 💓

Oh Izzy, you are so full of spunk, and you give us endless reasons to laugh every day.  You are our little firecracker and we can't imagine you any other way 💥!  Love you to the moon Belly Baby!



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