Thursday, June 15, 2017

Big Haircuts for All!

OK, I've been saying that I'm going to post before and after pictures of the girls' (and my) haircuts for months, so here I am finally doing it!  Better late than never 😉.  It was such a big deal this time because three of the four of us had enough hair cut off to donate to Children With Hair Loss!  Izzy's obviously wasn't long enough, but the rest of us had at least 8 inches to donate, so we were super excited!

It all started with me chopping my hair at the end of February.  It was literally a night before decision for me and I didn't tell anyone I was doing it, which was so fun!

Ugh that "before" picture is frightening!  My hair was so dead at the ends, always tangled, and just blah, so it was time for a big change!  When I got home the girls LOVED it and all claimed that they wanted their hair short like Mommy's, so as soon as I could get them an appointment, that's exactly what we did!

Izzy Before:

Izzy during:

Izzy After!:

Emma Before:

 Emma during:

Emma After!:

Addy Before:

Addy during:

Addy After!:

Oh my gosh, they all just looked so cute!  And no more tangles as an added bonus!



And then here are the four of us with our matching haircuts:

Some pics of our hair donation:

So there you have it!  Fresh new cuts for a good cause.  A total win-win!

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