Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emma: 7 Months!

Dear Lou Sue,

How are you?  That is how we start off every morning.  I come into your "room", you look up at me and smile, and I ask, "Lou Sue, how are you?"  It's our little routine :)

Now, I use the term "room" loosely, because well, you've been booted little lady.  Booted out of your room/guest room and into the little cubby hole of a room in the hallway.  We did this to make our house show better for whenever we put in on the market, and let's face it, you don't care where you sleep as long as you have a nice, safe crib with a comfy blanket to snuggle into.  And you certainly have both of those things :)

Here is your new abode:

Yup, it's tiny.  And yes, that changing mat is ridiculously low to the floor.  But hey, it's probably for the best since your sister has already caused you to fall off of it.....  But that's a story for another time ;)

Your crib fits nicely into that little space :)  And now we can say that our house has 3 bedrooms, plus a nursery.  See where we were going with all of this?

And see that purple blanket in your crib?  It's definitely your favorite.  That beautiful blanket was made just for you by Dani (Pap's dental hygienist), and it is an absolute staple in your crib.  You love to weave your little fingers through it, pull it over your head, and wrap yourself up in it :)  This is the month that you have finally stopped liking to be swaddled... you prefer to do it yourself :)

Love those little fingers in the blanket :)

Night night Emmy :)

This has been a big month for you in that you have FINALLY rolled over, and you have started sitting up!  

Rolling has been a LONG time coming.  It took you many, many months to decide that it was worth your time, but you finally did it.  However, you only roll from your back to your belly.  You haven't figured out how to get back onto your back.  But we're making progress!  And of course, I barely ever work, but the first time your rolling was captured on video, Mommy was at work.  Figures ;)  I had to include two videos here because the first one is hilarious, even though you don't roll over in it.  Addy is trying so hard to get you to roll and it makes me laugh every time!

So along with your physical changes, you have started "talking" too!  Just syllables, but us parents like to believe that you know what you're saying :)  You started with Da da (like babies seem to love to do), but you have started saying Ma ma too!  And we could swear that you look right at us and say it with purpose, but I'm sure that's our own delusions ;)

You have also started eating solids this past month!!!  We started with baby oatmeal.  (Apparently rice cereal has trace amounts of arsenic in it, and there is some controversy over whether or not it is recommended as baby's first food.  We figured we'd just be safe and do oatmeal instead.)  And boy do you love oatmeal!  The first few tastes were comical, but by day two you were loving it!

Your second food was avocado, and watching you eat that was nothing short of hilarious.  You shuddered with every bite, but kept going back for more!

OK, I know I'm going a little bit video crazy in this post, so I'll tone it down.

Anyway, so far you have had peas, sweet potato, applesauce, butternut squash, and banana.  There is nothing that you wouldn't eat, but oddly enough, the two fruits were your least favorite.  

You are starting to really participate in music class now (as opposed to contentedly watching from your infant seat), and you love to just chew on some instruments and watch the big kids play.

Your daily routine is similar to last month, but with some foods added in.  You sleep 12 hours straight at night and then get up around 7:30.  You nurse 4 times a day and have solids twice.  You take two naps and you are still a napping queen!  Morning nap is 2-3 hours and afternoon nap is usually 2 hours.  In the evening you get a bath with your sister, then we read you both a book, I nurse you, and you're off to bed.  We have a good little routine with you and you are a happy little lady :)

As you are getting older and moving closer to being mobile, your monthly pictures are getting harder to obtain.  You love to just roll around and gnaw on your toes (no teeth for you yet!).

But I managed to get a few:

Emma, you are such a little doll baby, and I LOVE this stage.  It's all smiles and learning new things.  Life with you is nothing short of amazing, and I feel blessed every day to be your mama :)  I love you sweet girl!




  1. I can't wait to live near you guys so I can see the little ladies (and you guys) all the time!! Love those videos! The avacado one is hilarious:)

  2. Precious as always...and what about Addy, Emma and the changing mat?!?!