Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Field Day!

Last week Addy's preschool put on a field day for all of the kids and everyone had such an awesome time! It was well organized and the kids and parents alike loved it!

Addy and Lacey walking hand in hand to the events

Addy was (of course) scared of the big bouncy slide

Played a little ball game

.... and a big ball game!

Attempted some hula hooping

Played with a parachute

These buckets were supposed to be used to throw beach balls into.  Addy decided to cart them away.... that they could be used as giant hats!

Snack time!!!

Addy and the newest member of the clan, Copeland

A good old fashioned sliding board

Fun with water!  Took Addy a long time to participate in the water events.  And even when she did, she did so cautiously.  This girl was NOT interested in getting wet.

See everyone else playing with the squirt guns?  And there's Addy in the background.  It was right about then that she decided to go and sit by herself under a tree.  No joke.

Look at these Little Rascals!  (We were only missing Greer in this picture.  She was off with her mom somewhere.)

Every kids got a High Five ribbon at the end and they were so proud of themselves!  What a fun day and a true testament to how much all of those teachers love their kids.  They went above and beyond to put this on and it's just another reason that I LOVE Addy's school!

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