Thursday, December 12, 2013

November Self Portrait

Oops, time got away from me and I realized that I never posted a November self portrait.  Well, by far the thing that sticks out in my mind about November is that we bought a house!  So I have two pics that I am posting for November:

Mike and I after we found out that our offer was accepted!
We're about to be PA Homeowners!!

And then I had to include this one of me and my sis/best friend.  After all, our lifelong dream of living within 5 minutes of each other (OK it will be a 6 minute drive, but close enough) is finally going to be a reality!  We are beyond excited!

We aren't closing on the new house until mid-January because we didn't want to deal with moving around the holidays.  And now we will be able to spend Christmas with Tina and Jay, and bombard their lives for just a little bit longer..... :)  

Happy holidays everyone!

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