Monday, November 25, 2013

Emma: 14 Months!

Dear Louie,

Happy 14 Months Bug!  I am actually writing you this letter ON your monthly birthday, which might be a first since you were born!

Big News! Big News! Big News! You are walking now!  You took your first real steps on November 4th and now you are a full fledged walking machine...working your way towards running!  It's amazing how fast it all happened.  One day you were toddling around, very unsteady, falling every few steps.  Just a few days later you gave up crawling all together.  Bittersweet moment for this mama, that's for sure.  Once your "baby" starts walking, it really opens your eyes to the fact that they are no longer a baby.

First few steps:

A few hours later:

And less than a week later:

See what I mean about fast changes?!  Wow!  It's like you waited to walk until you knew you would be an expert at it.

You love your big sister and I am really starting to see you two "play" together, which warms my heart.  Addy will yell, "Follow me Emmy!" and you toddle around after her with a huge grin on your face.  I just love it!

Watching some cartoons with your big sis... and Pinky, a new favorite friend of yours.  You love to carry that thing around by the ear :)

This month one of your favorite games is putting things in and then dumping them out of something.  Like putting the cards for the Memory game in the box and then dumping them out.  It drives Addy crazy, but you love it :)

You have eight teeth, four top and four bottom, but I feel like even more are coming.  You have been gnawing on your hands a lot lately and have been slightly, dare I say, cranky.  You have definitely become more me.  That is a fact.  When I am around you will have me do nothing but hold you.  You aren't that way with Daddy or anyone else, but if Mommy is in the room and isn't holding you, it's meltdown central.  I am starting to see the emergence of a toddler in you.

Speaking of toddler, you have also learned to throw your food on the floor, which means that now not one, but both of my children try my patience at meal times.  Addy because she will. not. eat.  And you because you think it's hilarious to toss your food on the floor or blow it out of your mouth.  Good times ;)

You have also decided that you hate to have your diaper changed.  Hate it.  You scream every time I lay you down to change you.  And come to think of it, you cry most times I lay you down for bed now too...until you see your purple blanket.  Thank goodness for our pal Purple.  That thing still soothes you like no other.

Your new favorite saying is "Uh oh!"  You say that all of the time and it's adorable.  You say mama, dada, Addy, and we're trying to teach you to say "T" for Tina.  You get it sometimes ;)  We are also trying to teach you your body parts, like head, nose, eyes, etc. but we are getting nowhere fast with that one.

You love the sound of your voice and if Addy screams, you think it's hilarious to follow suit.  Poor Tina and Jay.  Their once quiet, peaceful house is full of chaos.  But it's also full of love.  Lots of laughter and love.  I know that these next few years of life with two toddlers will be loud and constant and exhausting.  But I find that I am smiling more often than I'm not, and that's always a good thing.

Here are a few recent pics of you:

Go Penn State!

Bringing Daddy his Crocs :)

On a hike through the woods with Pop

Having fun at a birthday party at My Gym

Park time!

All in all, you are still a very happy lady.  It doesn't take much to make you smile...but it doesn't take much to make you meltdown either.  Hello toddler hood!  But Emma, no matter how old or how ornery you get, you will always be my precious baby girl.  I love you to pieces sweet, sweet lady!