Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Emma: 19 Months

Dear Ju Ju,

Recently you have really become a talking machine, and it seems as though everyone is commenting on how much and how well you are talking for a 19 month old.  I was afraid you'd fall into that second child thing of not really talking much, but you have proven my worries to be unwarranted.  You are even answering questions appropriately, although I will say that a lot of times your answer is,  "I don't know."

One of your favorite questions is, "Why?".  Yup, you are starting that already.

 But you also love to ask, "Mommy, where are you?" (no matter if I'm standing right next to you).

I say, "I'm right here Emma.  Where are you?"

 And then you say, "Right here!", and start giggling like crazy.  I just love it :)

You love to name everyone in the house at random times during the day.  And sometimes I'll hear you in your crib at night reciting every one's names.  "And Mommy. And Daddy. And Addy.  And Emmy.  And ME!"

You have very distinct opinions on what shoes you do and don't want to wear, which makes me shudder to think about how you'll be as a teen.  You are pretty good about letting me do whatever with your hair though.  I wonder if having it constantly in your eyes was starting to get to you.

You even let me put a headband in from time to time.  
Daddy loves this picture of you.  His porcelain doll :)

This past month has definitely been a month FILLED with Frozen (the movie).  Oh boy, do you and Addy LOVE that movie.  We watch it every single morning.  The way you pronounce "Frozen" and say the names of the characters is so darn cute, so I tried to get a video, but you were too busy watching the movie to fully participate in my questioning ;)

You are finally really able to play with Addy (although you don't always want to).  She's always asking you to play and more often than not, your response is, "No!"  But when you do, you really get it!  You could fully participate in this year's Easter egg hunts.  We had soooooo many egg hunts and you loved them all!

Not sure if it was the hunt, or the promise of delicious treats at the end that made you so into the egg hunts, but you were a lady on a mission!

You also really love to ride these little toys around:

Wherever we go, you gravitate to the toys you can ride.  Where Addy was afraid of them for a long time, you have loved them for months. But you and Addy are two very different people.  Addy was always our cautious one, and you get right in there with whatever we're doing.  The pool?  You love it.  Addy is still kind of scared.  The playground?  You go flying down those tall, fast slides all by yourself, giggling the whole way.  Addy would not have even attempted something so scary at your age.

One thing you both have in common is your love of the outdoors.  If you could be outside all day every day, I think you would.  You both are your happiest when we are playing outside, so thank goodness warmer weather has finally arrived!!

Watching Addy play soccer

Out for a wagon ride

Playing in the backyard while Mommy does dishes 

Creating with chalk

You are such a happy lady most of the time, and when you are outside you just get the biggest smile on your face and start running as fast as you can.  It's the epitome of a carefree kid :)

And you love having the windows down in the car.  Windows down + balloon = giggle fest!

Emmy, you are such a silly, happy girl.  You love to laugh and make others laugh with your antics.  

Life with you is just so much more fun!  We all love you to the moon and back!



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  1. Hahah that balloon video is so cute! Little Emmy is such a joy:)