Friday, May 30, 2014

May Self Portrait

Ahhh May.  As always, you have treated me well.  I have dubbed May to be the Month of Me because all of the "holidays" that involve me fall in this month; Mother's Day, my birthday, and our wedding anniversary.  I usually do way too much shopping, get my nails done a time or two, and head out for a few child- free meals.  This month was no exception (as I'm doing those last two things today), and it's always nice to feel a bit pampered once in awhile.

Last weekend my mom and sister took me out for my birthday and I got a babysitter for the girls since Mike was out of town on his golf trip.  As much as it stinks that his golf trip is always on Memorial Day weekend (which happens to usually include my birthday), the rest of my family really steps up to make my day special.

Last year my mom came down to NC to spend the weekend with me and the girls.  My birthday was the day of the "flipping over the stroller" debacle.  Remember that?  What a mess.  But Mom and I still got a babysitter and went out that night.  And minus that little stroller snafu, it was a great weekend.

This year, Mom, Tina, and I went out to dinner on Friday and then the girls and I headed up to my Dad's cabin on Saturday for the rest of Memorial Day weekend.  Again, my birthday turned out to be pretty great (minus the standard Addy meltdowns that I've grown accustomed to).  The weekend really flew by, and for how much I was dreading Mike leaving for five days, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be thanks to my awesome family :)

Happy May!


  1. Glad you had a great birthday month! Happy mother-birth-iversary!

  2. We're always here for you Mess! I'm glad you're month was a good one!