Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Self Portrait

This month I have been spending a lot of time behind the camera between weddings, shooting some family photos for my sister-in-law, and attempting to take Christmas pictures of the girls.  I am really enjoying it and I even bought some editing software to begin learning basic photo editing skills.  And I must say, that part I am loving!

I know that I have a LOT to learn when it comes to photography in general, especially editing, but I'm having a great time playing around and exploring.  I watch Lightroom tutorials all the time and its fascinating to me to watch an average photo transform into something so eye-catching and sharp with a few simple edits.  It makes me want to keep learning more!

So, photography has been what I've been up to this month and it has been great putting my mind to something other than "Mommy mode".  Next step: buying a decent camera of my own so that I can stop bugging Tina to borrow hers ;)

When we went out the other day for those pictures of the girls, Mike snapped a few of me when we were done.  And by done, I mean, the girls were OVER it.  And anyone taking pictures of me is a big no-no in Addy's book.  For some reason, she hates when I am photographed.   Addy wouldn't stand for me being in a picture without her, so note her little head in the bottom.  Mike took about 10 pictures of me and no matter how I stood or where I went, that little head followed me everywhere.  I thought about trying to edit it out, but number one, I probably wouldn't do a very good job, and number two, it's become part of the story :)

Happy October!

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