Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fun 2014!

October remains one of my favorite months and this year did not disappoint.  Here's a little recap of the Hetrick family in the fall, via photos :)

I stumbled across this gem of Addy's first "Elsa braid".  She was soooo excited!  Notice Emma casually eating the toothpaste in the background ;)

Here we were at a Sing and Play at one of the local churches.  It really struck me that Emma was right in there participating in circle time this year.  She got her own little mat and sat right in the front :)

Our running buddies!  Mike and I have been run/walking this fall, taking turns who pushes the double jogging stroller.  Then our deal is that the girls can get out and run once we get back to our street.  And they love it!  Addy gets so excited to finish our run with us, and Emma and her little legs love it too.  She'll run until she gets tired and then stop and say, "Take a break."  It's the cutest :)

Fun in the driveway :)

A trip to Oregon Dairy farms with the great-grandparents!

A weekend with the cousins! (And let me just say, getting photos of four toddlers is quite an exhausting task!)

Frozen on Ice!

(They had a little warm up before the show :)

We all truly had so much fun!  It was an amazing performance!

And of course, getting in all of our outdoor time before the winter sets in!

Addy had swimming lessons:

And she had gymnastics: her absolute FAVORITE activity!!

OK, that's probably enough pics for now.  One of the reasons that I love having a blog is because I never really realize how much we fun stuff we do until I try posting 2 months worth of pictures in a single post! It's just too much!  Looking back over all of these pictures and memories always brings a smile to my face.  So the next post will be our FESTIVE fall pics, complete with pumpkins, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating!

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