Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had such a fun Mother's Day this year, and I'm so glad that in addition to spending time with my little family,  I got to spend the day relaxing with my own mom :)

Woke up to a card from Mike and these cute "Mom" mugs from the girls :)

Mike gave me his card first and I was a little bit confused about the inscription....

Until I read what the girls wrote in my Mother's Day book....

Ha ha, at least I'm good for something, huh?  I love that book that Mike got last year, where instead of cards from the girls every year, they can write and draw me something in this book and I will forever have everything all in one place.  Perfect :)

I told the girls that all I wanted for Mother's Day was one nice photo of me and them.  They made sure to make it nice and difficult to obtain, but we managed a decent one ;)

We went to El Sol for brunch with mom, Tina, and Jay.  Of course, afterwards....more photos :)

We got home and did our usual driveway sitting with some popsicles to cool off.

And more selfies!  I took advantage of the one day where Mike couldn't get annoyed at my incessant need for pictures ;)

Emmy had her own little toy phone here and said, "Mommy, let's take a smiley!  Cheese!"

 My sweet girls:

They love their baby sister so much already!  They are always hugging my "baby belly" and talking to the baby.  Addy says, "I am going to be your best big sister ever and I can't wait to meet you."  She says things like this multiple times a day.  And Emma is a little sweetheart too.  Yesterday she came up to me with one of her little toy fans and fanned my belly because "the baby is hot".  They are so doting already :)

Candid shot of the whole family... Daisy included :)

And when I checked the mail, these little beauties were waiting for me!  What a perfect day for their arrival!  Now I can rest easy knowing that we have outfits for when the sisters all meet for the first time ;)

During nap time Mom and I sat out on our deck and chatted the afternoon away :)

When the girls woke up we went out to a pizza place for dinner and then did some evening fishing:

Of course, the one fish that was caught all evening was when my mom took the girls for a walk.  So they never even saw it.

Sister selfie :)

And sisterly awkward prom pose ;)

Love these little family shots that Tina got :)

We had such a beautiful Mother's Day.  The weather was perfect, the day was relaxed but fun, and I got to spend time with my favorite people.  Life is good :)

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