Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spring 2015

I'm back!  I really do have good intentions with this blog, but day to day life gets in the way of keeping up with it the way I'd like to.  Yesterday was Memorial Day (and my birthday!) which is the unofficial kickoff of summer, and I realized that, as usual, my phone is bogged down with pics from the past few months.  So I'm gonna do this post as a photo montage of our spring season before we launch into summer :)

This year I was able to fly down to Florida all by myself to visit my grandparents for five whole days!  It was warm, peaceful, relaxing, and an utterly glorious reprieve from the day to day demands of raising two preschoolers.

Out for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa :)

And then I came home to this....
Yup, a huge end of season snowstorm!

Getting some fresh air on one of the first warm days of spring!

Took the girls bowling for the first time with our friends :)

I know you've seen this photo already, but I just adore her enthusiasm!

Bowling alley/St. Patty's day photo with Daddy 

First day of Spring was cold and snowy, but we still ventured out for our free Rita's Italian Ice!

Cabin time!

Addy started taking some little ballet/tap classes through the township which are super cute :)  I don't think she loves it though.  She gets bored easily and I think ballet is a little bit slow for her.  Emma is always chomping at the bit to get in on the action, but she's still too young.  I'll sign her up when she's three and see if she enjoys it any more than Addy.

Getting ready for Easter!  I really love this sweet photo of my girls :)

The line was long, but we waited it out and we nailed it!  Great Easter pic :)

Ready for church on Easter Sunday :)

Mike ended up having to work on Easter, but he was home in time for Easter dinner and a little outside playtime before bed :)

Emmy's first real ponytail :)  She's just getting too big!

The furniture extravaganza!  I'll be doing a whole blog post on the girls new room and how it's all going very soon.

The Healthy Kids Running Series.  I loved our Sunday afternoons this Spring.  It was the girls first time being involved in "races" and it was so much fun!  A 50 yard dash for kiddos their age, and then the distance goes up from there the older you get.  It was a great first exposure to running and I think we'll continue on with this activity for as long as they like it :)

Love that they were holding hands at the starting line :)

Addy is so focused!

Emma, on the other hand, was just loving life during every race; smiling and waving along the way :)
(You can even see Emma smiling in the background of the Addy photo above.)

Addy's first Eel level swimming lessons at the YMCA with her "sweetheart" Mr. Jason:

Heading to the preschool picnic :)

Here is a video of Addy and her two-wheeler.  She has gotten soooooo good at riding her bike, and it still amazes me.  She learned when she was three years old!  I feel like I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was about 7!  And now that she's four, she's basically an expert ;)  Even took a 2 mile bike ride with my dad a few weeks ago!  Anyway, here she is:

And then Emmy wanted to get in on the action, so here she is "tearing around" on the Strider:

It was her very first time on the Strider, and Mike and I couldn't stop laughing, but hey, she tried it!

Just hanging out "on stage" in her underwear and fuzzy high heels.  Hmmmm... as long as she's only two-years-old I suppose it's still acceptable ;)

And Addy, true 50's housewife style, only cooks in high heels :)

Emma with her two preschool favorites: Mrs. Snook and Penny :)

Love this picture of Addy at the Splash Pad at the YMCA :)

Lunch with friends.  (To Addy's left is her beloved "husband" Jack)

Video of Addy scoring her goal on the last day of soccer:

Soccer buddies... and a second Jack appearance (the kid in the super cool shades)

Love these crazy kids :)

28 week baby bump :)

Playing at a friend's house :)

Last day of preschool for the year!

The girls with their buddy Ali and baby Emmeline.  Both girls are enthralled with Emmeline, but especially Addy.  She took over any and all baby duties that day.  Our new baby will have some very eager big sisters :)

Last day of the Running Series.  The girls were so proud of their "trophy medals" :)

And then Emma gave me a dandelion and asked me to marry her.  This quote about sums it up....

So very true :)  Happy Spring!

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