Thursday, June 23, 2016

Isabelle: 10 Months!

Dear Belly,
Boy oh boy, you are getting so big!  Every day I am witnessing your "babyness" slip away, and I'm watching you transform into a little girl!  It's so wild, wonderful, and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Where is my baby going?

You are really starting to communicate and you're becoming more interactive every day.  You can wave in that cute, funny, wrist-twisting way that babies do.  You clap when we clap, which always makes you laugh.  You have your very own language, but sometimes I swear you say, "All done".  Maybe I'm crazy but you often say it when you are done nursing, so it fits.

You are still nursing three times a day, but you're becoming less and less interested in it, and you are so easily distracted that I think we're going to wean to just morning and bedtime soon.  You have started using a sippy cup, but you don't love it and you won't drink very much from it.  You really prefer food to liquid.  Here you are with your bottle, which this picture proves that you CAN hold for yourself.  You just usually choose not to ;)

You eat anything that we eat, and you let us know that it is NOT OK for us to eat if you are not.  If we're eating, you're eating.  And if you are in your highchair, we better have food in front of you within 30 seconds or else!  Finger foods are what you prefer.  No more spoon feeding you.  You are so over that ;)  I would say that yogurt bites are your current favorite food.  Every time you see that yellow bag come out of the pantry you start banging your tray with excitement.

You have four teeth right now.  Your two bottom ones and then fangs on the top.  Yup, you don't have your front top teeth, you have the ones on either side of the front teeth.  And yes, they look like fangs!

I never got a great picture of the fangs, but I do love this pic.  This was taken when you had a breakfast date with Mommy and Daddy while your big sisters were at the beach with Pap and Meemaw.

We are not quite as regimented with your diet as we were with your big sisters (Really we aren't even close to as strict), as evidenced by your first taste of Frosty at 10 months:

Your hair is as long and wild as ever, so it needs to be in a barrette, or ponytail every single day.  It looks so cute like this:

Now when we don't do your hair, you literally cannot see, and you look like this:

And it is always, always tangled in the back:

We moved into our new house this month!  Here you are on our first day, in front of the huge fireplace.  You're so mini!

You still love to be outside, and swinging is one of your favorite things to do:

Here's a little video with your sweet baby giggles.  You are still stingy with the giggles, but when I can get them out of you, it's the sweetest sound in the world!  (Please ignore my annoying baby voice)

We went to a Memorial Day picnic at the Dunn's house, and here you are loving life at the water table:

I'm telling you, put you outside and you're happy as a clam:

At this point you are still immobile, and I think that just makes you so frustrated.  You are close to crawling, and you rock back and forth like you're about to go, but you just can't get there yet, so you revert to crying...which is what you do best ;)  I do think that one of the reasons that you're so cranky is that you want to move but you just can't yet.  I'll be so interested to see if you are generally happier once you can crawl.  

And here is a little video showcasing what your talking looks like these days:

And last, but not least, your 10 month pics.  You were not at all happy to have these taken, so you were a cranky mess ;)

It started out beautifully...

And went slowly downhill from there...

And that's the end of that ;)

Oh Iz, you are just too much!  You are a spitfire and you always keep us on our toes.  I just can't help but laugh and smile and smooch that sweet little baby face of yours.  You are our last baby, and you are ensuring that these baby years go out with a bang!  I love you to pieces you loud, lovable, crazy haired girl!



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