Thursday, July 28, 2016

Isabelle: 11 Months!

Dear Belle Belle,

Wow!  You are almost a whole year old!  This is the last blog post that I will write about an infant!!  I cannot even fathom that.  And it makes me sad.  Not that this year was a breeze or anything, because whew, you are a tough cookie, that's for sure.  Aunt Tina and I always joke that you are so easy breezy... the key word being, "joke", ha ha!

 No, breezy you are not, but I love, love, love this stage!  One-year-olds are so much fun!  You are so excited every time you see me.  You get a huge smile on your face and put your arms up for me to pick you up.  Then when I pick you up you pump your little legs with excitement.  You can give "kisses" (which are always open mouthed and slobbery), you can wave in that wrist-twisting way that you do, you clap, and.... drum roll please.... you CRAWL!

Yup, you heard it right, you have started crawling.  You decided to give it a go over 4th of July weekend at Derek's cabin.  Slow at first, but you are really a mover now.

You started by prepping yourself, saying "Go. Go. Go".  Ha ha!

And in a few short days you were on the move!

And speaking of moving, this is the first month that you were able to go from laying down to sitting up all by yourself!  Yup, a little late on the physical developments just like your sisters.  But, also like your sisters, you are a talking machine!  I just lowered your crib from the newborn highest setting a few weeks ago!  All of my friends are amazed by that fact.  So for now your crib mattress is on the middle setting, still not on the lowest one yet since you can't stand up.  I'm sure that'll be coming soon.

You love, love, love your blankie that Dani made you, just like Emma does.  As long as you have that blanket, you are ready to sleep.  I lay you in your crib awake, put your blankie over your head (which you love), and off to snooze-land you go. 

You are also a thumb sucker, just like your sisters.  I only catch you doing it when you are asleep, but here's proof.

You still like your jumper, but I have a feeling those days are nearing their end as well.  Once you are really moving, you will say " So long!" to the jumper.  One of your favorite things to do this month is roll a ball back and forth with someone.  It makes you giggle and you have so much fun with it :)

You are still very verbal, and we laugh at the full on "conversations" that you have.  You love to pretend to put a phone up to your ear and just chat away.  I will have to get a video of that sometime.  I wouldn't say you have any real new words except maybe "uh-oh".  You have started to say that one appropriately.  And you have discovered how to make the "ssssssssss" sound, which you really get a kick out of.

Here is a little video of you chatting before you could crawl this month:

You got your two front teeth, so you no longer have the fangs, ha ha.  Now you're up to 6 teeth.  Four top and two bottom.  You love most "big people" food, and you love pouches, puffs, yogurt bites, and Mum Mums.  I nurse you just once a day in the morning now, and even that is a struggle.  You just are not interested in liquids in any way, shape, or form.  We try breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sippy cup feeding.  We try breast milk, whole milk, water, juice.  We try warm.  We try cold.  You just are not interested.  I'd say you're lucky if you get 10 ounces of fluid a day.  And I think you are supposed to get a minimum of 24 ounces.  We just cannot force you to drink any more.  So we'll see what Dr. Zimmerman says at your next appointment.

You hate to lay on your changing mat... I mean HATE it.  You scream like we're killing you every time we lay you down.  But occasionally you'll be OK with it if we give you your bottle there.  And sometimes you will only drink your bottle on your mat.  Quite the particular little thing, I must say.


You went on your first beach trip this month!  I wasn't there because I stayed home with Aunt Tina since she was sick, but Daddy and Grandma took videos and pictures for me.  Here is your first taste of the ocean: (You were not pleased.)

You were a little happier in the pool:

But apparently, you really loved your bucket :)
The ocean?  Too much.  The pool?  Decent.  A bucket of water?  That's more your speed ;)

We took you to your first movie this month!  Finding Dori in the IMAX theater!  Daddy had to walk outside with you a few times, but you did really well, considering your age!

A little summertime pool fun:

I had to throw this photo in because I have this very similar one of Addy at your age.  Big eyes and everything.
No denying that you two are sisters!

Fourth of July weekend with Daddy's hat:

You are so lucky to have two big sisters that adore you.  Addy is like your second mama the way she totes you around. 

And Emma loves to be silly with you:

And, of course we will end with your monthly photos.  It's like clockwork.  You are OK with the Bumbo photos, but you are so over it when I try to lay you on the blanket.  I cannot get you to smile there.  Oh well....

"I hate laying on this blanket!!!"

"Hello?  Is this a phone?  Can anyone save me?"


Izzy Leigh, you have such a big personality and we all love you to bits!  You never let us forget that you are there, as you give your sisters a run for their money with the sheer volume of your voice.  Our house is never quiet and certainly never calm, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  You are our littlest nugget and I just love scooping you up and toting you around.  And you love it too.  You love nothing more than having Mommy and Daddy hold you.  You are our last baby, and though this time is crazy and chaotic, I try hard to savor those little moments with you as I know they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.  I love you Isabelle!



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