Thursday, September 22, 2016

Isabelle: 13 Months!

Dear Squizzers,

I love this age!  It is definitely my favorite.  You are so much fun and very interactive.  You are learning so much every single day and it's really amazing to watch.   You are still a squishy little baby (hence your new nickname, Squizzers), but you are also blossoming into a little girl.

You shake your head no and say 'Uh uh" to any question we ask, which your sisters really get a kick out of... and so do I :)

You have now conquered the steps, and you make a beeline for them every time:
I love the love that you and your sisters have for each other :)

You are a crawling machine, and you can pull yourself up and cruise along the furniture, but no steps yet.  And that's fine by me.  Stay a baby for just a little bit longer Iz!!

I know this post is overrun with videos but here comes another one.  You LOVE books and have started "reading" them, which is the cutest thing ever!

And our last video... you stood up for the first time right before you turned 13 months!

So there is the barage of videos for the month.  As you can see, you are making huge strides!  You are talking more and more too, although most of it is still gibberish.  But you say "Stop!" to Daisy when she is doing something annoying, like licking or trying to steal food.  That is funny to hear.  And you say "All done" and "more".  You are getting better at communicating because you are nodding your head yes and no appropriately to questions.  (Although "uh uh" is your answer of choice most of the time.)

We have been done breastfeeding for over a month, but just like your sisters, you have no interest in whole milk.  I have tried putting it in a bottle, in a cup, warm, cool, anything to get you to drink it.  But you take a sip or two and you're done.  I'm not too stressed out since your sisters never drank it either, but as always, I am worried about your fluid consumption (or lack thereof).  You seem to like water better, so I guess we'll stick with that and give you yogurt and cheese for your calcium.  I still try the whole milk every day, morning and night in a bottle, but it's time to get rid of the bottles.  Your sisters stopped bottles right at a year, so it's time for you too little lady.

You still have 6 teeth, although you have some bulging gums, and I know more are coming soon.  You are eating pretty well, but slowly becoming more picky, as I knew you would :(  You love pouches and those are an easy way to get some veggies in you.  Most finger foods you are good with, but I have noticed you are starting to avoid veggies.

You have discovered the fun game of throwing things on the floor and then saying "uh oh!".  It's so cute though :)

Your favorite toy I wold say is anything that can be used as a phone.  You love play phones, and you hold them to your ear and talk, but its so funny watching you pick up other things (like a comb), and holding them to your ear and talking.  Although you are starting to learn what a comb is for, and you try to brush your hair :)

Like your sisters, you love nothing more than being outside.  If you are cranky (which, unfortunately you still often are), if we take you outside and let you crawl around while the big girls play, you are happy as a clam.  You like going for walks in the stroller and crawling around the grass and the sidewalk.

You are a great sleeper and sleep for 11-12 hours at night.  We try to get you in bed around 7:30, but it's tough in the summer since it's still light out, so we are often still out and about.  But you then sleep until about 7AM.  You usually wake up before your sisters, and keeping you quiet is next to impossible.  You are so LOUD!  But I just thank goodness that our days don't start at 5:30AM like some of my friends days do.  7AM I can handle.  Earlier than that I don't do with children.  If I'm getting up before 7, it's for "me" time ;)  You are still taking two naps a day, but they are both pretty short (an hour or so), so we are going to transition you to one nap soon.

Here are a few photos of you from this past month:
Your first selfie!

Fun with Mommy's wine bottle ;)  You hair makes me laugh every day.  Look at that whale sprout!

You in your cute little seahorse towel from Aunt Tina.  I always put you in the sink after your bath to brush your teeth and comb your hair.  It's like your little seat :)

Fun at the neighborhood playground!

Ha ha, looking out the window is one of your new favorite past times.  Either that, or you're thinking, "Get me out there!"

So cool

Here you are in your new chair from Pap and Meemaw.  You love your chair, and you often will go and sit in it when we are in the office.  I know what we are doing in this picture.  We are doing, "How big is Izzy?"  You laugh and throw your hands up in the air.  It's our stealthy way of getting you to smile for pictures :)

Let's go PSU!
Your hair gets you so many compliments.  Its so long and thick and blonde.  You never lost any hair, and yours is the lightest of all of the Hetrick girls :)  Also, in this picture, is your favorite book, "Goodnight Moon."

Ready to go boating!  Here is your favorite pose, entitled, "Pick me up!"

Well Squizzy, Happy 13 months to you!  You are so much fun, and everyone that meets you just adores you.  Here is the only selfie of the two of us that I have from this past month.  Your face makes me giggle, but it'll have to do ;)  Mommy loves you so very much!  I could squish your little cheeks all day long!



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