Friday, September 2, 2016

Izzy's First Birthday Party!

I like to have a theme for my girls first birthday parties, because I feel like first birthdays are a big deal.... for the whole family.  We made it through that first year!  It was an especially meaningful celebration that we made it through the first year with Izzy Squizzy, queen of cranky ;)  But, joking aside, it was a great day filled with family, food, and fun :)  Izzy's theme was watermelon.  Random, I know, but I was thinking summer....picnics...watermelon!  (For those who forget, Addy's theme was Winter ONEderland, and Emma's was Lace and Southern Grace.)

Here is Izzy's invite:
There she is!  Miss America :)

We set up the basement as our party spot, and it worked out great!  We had great weather too, so we got out the water toys and people were both inside and out.  Tina so kindly took some photos,  so here we go:

I loved the cake the Jasmine, from Couture Cakery, made!

Izzy's little smash cake!

The infamous monthly photos ;)

The setup 

Queen Izzy's throne 

The birthday girl!

I love this little outfit that I got on Etsy!

Me and my little squish :)

Yup. we are all coordinated for the theme.  The big girls have watermelon dresses and Mike and I have the green shirts :)

The big kids were more than happy to help Izzy open her gifts ;)

Family photo :)

Izzy enjoyed her cake... but she was surprisingly fairly dainty about it :)

And of course, we have the obligatory Happy Birthday video, courtesy of Uncle Jay, as always :)

It was a fun, laid back day with our family, and it was perfect :)  Izzy had so much fun, and we all loved celebrating that spunky little lady.  Our littlest squish is one year old!!!  Happy happy birthday Izzy Leigh!  We love you to the moon!

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