Friday, November 11, 2011

40 and 41 Weeks

Addy has been making big strides in the past few weeks.  Its crazy to watch her grow up so quickly right before our eyes.  Her new moves include:

- crawling
- waving hi
- saying "Daisy"

I'm serious!  All of this has occurred within the past 2 weeks.  You saw the video of her crawling, but I haven't been able to capture the waving or her saying her puppy's name yet.  But I promise, she has done both.... Mike can attest to it ;)

The first time I heard her say "Daisy" was on Monday and I almost didn't believe what I heard.  I was saying things like "There's Daisy" or "Daisy dog", and Addy definitely tried to say it.  It's not the clearest thing in the world, and most times it sounds like "Day", but she says it..... and she knows what it means.  It's hilarious because we play the "Where's Daisy?" game, and when we ask Addy "Where's Daisy?", she will whip her head around and her eyes go a mile a minute looking for our dog, Daisy.  Our little tyke is smart as a whip I'm telling you.  (If I do say so myself ;) )  She knows her family, and that definitely includes her puppy :)

I decided to try to teach her how to wave hi/bye this past week.  And wow, she caught on so much quicker than I ever thought she would!  By the end of one day she was doing it.  Now, that being said, it's not every time, and sometimes its backwards and looks more like she is motioning "Come here".  But it's adorable nonetheless.  I am trying to teach her to blow kisses too, but I think we're still a ways away from that one. 

Here are her 40 week photos:

Engrossed in her book ;)

Gotta love this look she gives me during picture time

Last weekend the four of us headed to Savannah for my annual half marathon.  I've been doing a least one a year since 2006, all in different locations.  It's something that I really enjoy doing and as tough as it has been to train for this one now that I have a baby, I still love it and I'll continue to sign up for half marathons (much to Mike's dismay).  Mike thinks I should stick to shorter distances, but I think that one half marathon a year is doable.  We went to Savannah with our friends Regina and Chris, and their daughter (who you all know well via pictures) Carley.  Here are my pics from that trip:

Me and Regina at the race expo

Addy passed out at the post-race concert

My girls :)


Me and Addy after the race

Yup, that's right, I didn't take a single picture of Savannah itself.  I can't believe that I didn't take any sightseeing pictures, but then again, we didn't really do much sightseeing.  It's a whole different world traveling with babies.  We had to leave the house in 2 hour increments (or less) as to not interfere with nap time.  But, despite the fact that I have no pictures, we had fun in Savannah and I'm glad we went :)

41 Week pics:

Back with a book :)

Ha ha, I had to throw this one in!

Well, that's all I have for now.  Happy Friday!

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