Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Self Portrait

One of the big things that I was looking forward to in March was our annual trip to Florida to see my grandparents.  They have a condo right on the beach in Cape Canaveral, and my Mom, sister, and I (and now Addy) have gone every winter to visit for about a week.  It's so relaxing and fun to be with family at the beach :)

I have a few pics of myself down by the ocean, but the wind was intense that day, meaning bad news for my hair in those pics.  So, I chose the boardwalk pic instead.  This is not the boardwalk that we typically take to the beach from their condo, but Tina and I saw a snake by that one earlier in the day, so we opted for this higher, safer (?) boardwalk for some pictures.

We were so lucky to have excellent weather in Florida again this year.  In the past we've been known to bring the cold weather with us.  I think Addy is our good luck charm ;)  Happy March!!!!

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