Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big News!

Yup, that's right!  I am pregnant with Baby #2!

We are so excited and we finally told the news to all of our close friends and family, so it's time to announce it to the world wide web.  Last time we didn't wait as long to tell everyone, but it's important to us to tell our families in person, and that is not always so easy to accomplish living 8 hours away from all of them. 

But by Easter, the whole family heard our big news and we started spreading the word to friends.  It was so fun thinking up a clever way to announce our second pregnancy, and we decided to go with the photo above.  Tina took it for us on the same day that we did Addy's one year photo shoot (so I obviously told her our news immediately).  We then came up with a cute little caption and ....voila!  I decided to make each of our parents a little photo album of pics from Addy's one year shoot, and then I included this pic last in the book.  It was great seeing every one's reactions :)

At this point I am almost 18 weeks into my pregnancy and we have the big ultrasound next week already!!  I cannot wait, and I have been praying that all is OK with this new precious baby.  I just want to hear that the baby has all four heart chambers, a closed spinal column, appropriate brain growth, lung growth, kidney function, etc...  Can you tell this is a PICU nurse speaking?  We all always joke, "Ten fingers and ten toes?  Don't care about that.  Just give us all four heart chambers."  It's so true though.  I am always nervous before going to the ultrasound.  So hopefully all news will be good news on Tuesday :)  Say a little prayer for our new little nugget.

Oh yeah, and we will hopefully find out the baby's gender at that time too!!!!

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. SO CUTE! I can't believe you are 18 weeks already (well probably more now that I'm reading this). Congratulations! I hope the appointment went well!