Monday, April 30, 2012

April Self Portrait

Did you all hear that I am a professional photographer now?  Pause while I laugh hysterically.... HA HA HA HA!  OK, so that statement is entirely false, but I was my sister's second shooter for a wedding that she had down here in NC two weeks ago. 

She booked this wedding in the Outer Banks months ago and asked if I would be her second shooter.  I almost laughed in her face.  What did I know about photography?  Nothing.  But she said that if I agreed she would teach me.  So I hesitantly agreed.  It was not that I didn't want to learn about it.  No, photography fascinates me and I'd love to be better at it.  But the idea that a part of some one's wedding day would be in my hands was daunting.  This was not just any old photo shoot.  It was a wedding.  You know, the kind of event where people cherish their photos and show them off forever and ever.  Yeah.  I was slightly nervous.

Luckily Tina and I were together for a lot of March and April, so we had ample teaching time.  Plus, she made me an awesome (5 typed pages!!) cheat sheet, which I love.  I love having something to read when learning new things.  So I learned the basic concepts and got to work.  I took some pics of Tina, but my subject was mostly....guess who?  Addy Marie, of course!  I have to say, that she is not an easy subject to learn on.  Constantly moving, changing directions, never looking at the camera and smiling on command.  I mean, come on Addy, help a momma out!  So it was definitely a challenge trying to take decent pics of Addy, but I felt like it was a good experience.  Then we arranged a photo session with one of my friends and her husband when Tina came down to visit, and I got some practice with them too. 

When the wedding day finally came I felt as ready as I could be at that point.

Then the wedding actually happened.  Wow, it is exhausting and draining being a wedding photographer!  Constantly on the alert for the perfect photo op.  9 hours on your feet.  Lugging a VERY heavy camera around, making your hand cramp up (at least mine did ;)).  Smiling and looking happy and excited at every moment, even if you're thinking, "Crap, did that picture turn out?"  Whew!  But despite all of that, I had a lot of fun that day!  Honestly, it was pretty awesome being such an intrical part of some one's happiest day.  I loved it!

And despite the fact, that I did not leave that wedding feeling entirely confident, I did leave happy :)  Did I mess up a lot of shots?  Yes.  Luckily I was the second shooter.  So Tina inevitably captured amazing photos of all of the things that I messed up.  But it was pretty awesome working with my sister, and working in this environment:

There I am in all of my glory :)
Side note: Closed toed shoes on the beach?  Not a good time.  But we had to be professional, so no flip flops for us.

What a great day and a great weekend.  A two night stay at the beach...with my sister....without a toddler.  Ahhh, it was amazing!

Happy April!

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  1. Yay loved having you, and you ROCKED it out:) Now it's my life's mission to live near each other so you can shoot EVERY wedding with me:)