Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Self Portrait

This past month Tina took my maternity photos for baby number two, and the feeling of, "This house is not ready" has really started giving me anxiety.  Mike keeps telling me to calm down about it, and that since we already had one baby, and now we're having another girl, there isn't much that we need anyway.  While I know that this is true, my nesting instinct has arrived in full force this month. 

This would be well and good if I felt like I time to nest.  Which I don't, because I spend my days chasing around a toddler who does not have the patience to play by herself quietly while I get a nursery ready.  Therefore, we have a bedroom for Emma, yes, but it is not yet ready for her to come home to, and she will be here in less than two months! 

We have a crib, but no mattress.  We have clothes, but they are still packed away in the attic somewhere.   I haven't ordered any new cloth diapers yet, and I'm not exactly sure what my plan of action will be.  I have 18 diapers right now, which will surely not be enough for both a newborn and a toddler.  Unless I want to be washing them constantly, which I obviously do not.  

And I do not have a single decoration completed for the nursery either.  Sigh.  I feel bad already that Emma will not have a room designated as her own, but she will have to share it with a guest room and be booted out every time guests come.  Therefore I want to make it special for her and make some cute decorations, I just never seem to have the time.

OK, so there is my venting about my nesting anxiety.  I know in my head that it will all work out, and that she is a baby and won't care where she sleeps or how it is decorated, but it's a mom thing I guess.  I just want her room to be ready and perfect for her to come home to.  So we'll see if I can kick it into high gear in these next few weeks amongst beach vacations (yup, pleural), keeping the rest of the house in order, and chasing around little Addy Marie.  Wish me luck!!  And Emma, do Mommy a favor and do not come early.  OK?  Thanks!

Oh yeah, and after all of that, here is my self portrait:

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  1. Have you blogged every day this week? I like it! She will be here before we know it, but I'm sure everything will be ready - and if not, oh well! It will get there eventually:)