Sunday, July 22, 2012

Maternity Pics

While we were up at my Dad's cabin, Tina took my maternity pics...again.  Funny how in my last pregnancy I was also at my Dad's cabin at this exact same stage in my pregnancy.  So we did my maternity pics when I was pregnant with Addy up there, and now we did my pics while pregnant with Emma there too.  Oh yeah, did I mention that we are naming our new baby girl Emma?  Emma Jane to be exact :)

Now let me preface these maternity pictures by saying that I realize my belly button is out of control. I thought it was too hot to wear a belly band that day, but perhaps I should have rethought that decision, ha ha :)

So here are some of my favorites.  Now, not all of them are maternity pics, some are just cute pictures of Addy, but how can anyone resist those?

Addy says, "Don't mind me, just snaggin' a quick cookie during my photo shoot."

That flower sniffing face gets me every time :)

Sniffing flowers, sniffing grapes... it's all the same face :)

So there you have it!  The ever fabulous work of TinaJayPhotography.  Love my sister for always taking the most fabulous pictures of me and my family :)


  1. Yay! Love it:) We'll have to update your gallery wall (not replace, but add on) when Emma is here in September!!

  2. These are amazing pictures! LOVE them!