Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Day at the Museum

OK, I have gotten a little bit behind on my posts again, but it's catch up time.  On Mike's birthday, we decided to take Addy to the Children's museum downtown, and we all had a great day :)  The museum was very similar to the Please Touch Museum that Tina and I took her to in Philly, just on a smaller scale.  We started our day by going out for breakfast of course, because you all know how much this family loves their breakfast.  And then we began our day at the museum:

Addy discovered this enchanted forest area, and she loved going in and out of this "secret" door.  In and out, in and out...for like 20 minutes!

She even found a friend that was just her size to play with in there :)
How cute is this phone booth?  What child doesn't love to play with phones?
Addy and Daddy played on the pirate ship, while Mommy stayed safe back on "land".

I would also say that all little kids love "driving" cars too, and Addy is no exception.
Doing some building with Daddy.  Notice the sticker on Addy's back?  That was our admission ticket, but Addy refused to wear the sticker, so we had to sneak it on her back ;)

Playing basketball with Daddy
Notice a common theme here?  Yup, Daddy was in on most of the action at the museum, while this whale of a mommy hung back and took the obligatory photos.  We all had such a great day though, and there is really nothing that I love more than seeing our little girl playing with her Daddy.  She absolutely adores him and it makes my heart happy watching them play together.  I think Daddy had a pretty terrific birthday :)


  1. They have such a cute relationship! That last photo is hilarious:)

  2. I love these photos! Addy looks so happy and Daddy does too!