Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Emma: 2 Months!

Dear Emmy Lou Who,

You are the most pleasant, content baby, which is such a blessing.  There has been such a marked change from last month in that sense.  You were a little bit cranky last month, especially after you ate, but once we figured out that you had thrush and a yeast diaper rash we fixed you right up with some Nystatin, and you are a whole new baby!  You love to watch the world around you.

(I apologize in advance for the horrible lighting in these pictures.  Aunt Tina is probably appalled, ha ha!)

You started smiling at us, and I still say that having your baby smile at you is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Your little smile melts my heart every time. 

You have also started cooing, which I think is the sweetest sound on earth.  I have some videos of the little baby noises you make and I'm glad, because these days fly by, and before we know it you will be talking like your sister.  The doctor even mentioned that since you are mimicking noises already, it is a strong indicator that you will be an early talker.  I'm warning you that it'll be tough to compete with that sister of yours.  She is quite the chatterbox these days ;)

At your 2 month doctor appointment your stats were:

Weight: 12 lbs 3.2 oz (60th percentile)
Length: 23.5 inches (80th percentile)
Head Circumference: 40.5 cm (95th percentile)

You got 3 shots at this appointment, and you took them like a champ.  You cried when you got them, but stopped as soon as I picked you up, and you immediately went back to your smiley, happy self.  You had no reactions, and no crankiness either.  Tough cookie!

You are such a pleasant little thing despite your slew of (albeit minor) issues.  The whole yeast scenario was a mess that led to 10 days of meds for you and Mommy.  You have a very dry scalp these days, but it doesn't seem to be itching you or bothering you at all.  And last, but not least, that constant cold that you seem to have.  You have literally been congested, sneezing, snotty, with goopy eyes, etc since before you were a month old.  We had a few days of relief and then you got another cold.  Doctor Mike says it's par for the course with an older sister in preschool. 

But like I said, despite ALL of this, you are so content and smiley.  In fact, just the other day when I went to get you in the morning, your one eye was crusted shut and you had snot hanging our of your nose...but you looked at me and got the biggest smile!  I couldn't help but laugh!  I love you little lady, and we're bound to get over this cold soon :)

Other news: You found your hands and like to examine them (although not with the same intensity as your sister, ha ha!)

Addy at 2 months :)

You at 2 months :)
You are also able to grasp onto things that we put in your hands, and you love playing under the activity mat.  You weren't a huge fan of that mat last month, but now that you are more aware of your surroundings you love it!  You don't really like tummy time unless someone is patting your tush, but event then, you don't last for long on your belly without getting really irritated.  You usually like to rotate between your big Fisher Price swing, the activity mat, and being held.  And your car seat, with all of its warm cushiony padding that Daddy put in there, keeps you snug as a bug, and you fall asleep in no time.  Especially if your seat is on top of the running dryer.... not that we ever do that ;)

You are still exclusively breastfeeding and you eat about 7 times a day.  I am pumping a whole lot less than I did with Addy (There just aren't enough hours in the day with two kids under two!), so you are not a big fan of the bottle.  Weeks go by without us giving you a bottle, so when we decide to give you one, it takes you some time to agree to it.  You'll have to get used to it soon girlie, because Mommy is going back to work in a few weeks.

I have to say that we still don't have a very good bed time routine.  It's that awkward stage where I don't want to put you to bed as early as Addy (7:00) because you will then get up twice in the night instead of only once.  As it stands, we generally put you in your crib between 9-10 at night and then you get up around 3 or 4AM to eat and then back to bed until 7-8AM.  It's not bad at all, and you settle right back down after your middle of the night feed, so I don't mind. 

Gone are the newborn days when Daddy had to hold you for awhile after I fed you in order to settle you down.  Your love of the midnight hour has passed, and you now know that night time equals sleepy time :)  It sometimes takes you a little while to get settled when we first put you down, but then you sleep well all night.  We even had your first "sleeping through the night" episode a few nights before your 2 month birthday.  You slept from 9:45PM-7:45AM!!!!!  Now I'm sure that was a fluke, but even one uninterrupted night of sleep helps Mommy out!

Your hair is remains full and dark, and you still have those beautiful blue eyes!  I hope you keep all of those features :)

Emmy, you are the sweetest little thing on the planet.  Even your little cries are sweet.  You don't cry often, but when you do, you are easily consoled, which is wonderful.  If all else fails, a little snuggle and a walk around the room does the trick every time.  Mommy, Daddy, and your big sister love you so, so much!  You've been with us for two short months, but I can barely remember life without you in it, nor would I want to.  You are right where you belong, and our family is so enriched by having you in it.  Love you bug!




  1. Oh Emmy, such a cutie:) I love that little girl! Thank goodness she's so easy for you, so you can deal with another certain someone who isn't QUITE as easy:)