Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Addy had such a great time this Halloween, starting with her parade/party at school and ending with trick-or-treating.  She got her first real taste of candy (i.e. at least 20 pieces before we had to physically stop her!) and she was loving life!  She had lolly pops at school, and then proceeded to ask for them 20 times a day for the next few days.  She had Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, Candy Corn, Milky Ways, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups..... you name it.  She had it.  This Halloween Addy discovered a whole new world that she never knew existed.  The world of sweets.  We are in for it.  I still feel like I am constantly saying, "No candy", and Halloween was over a week ago!

Addy was a pumpkin this year, which was very fitting for a few reasons.  Number one, Addy loves pumpkins, and whenever we go on walks around the neighborhood she squeals with delight and shouts, "Punkin!"  whenever she sees one.  Number two, "Pumpkin" is one of my nicknames for Addy, and has been for as long as I can remember.  So it worked out nicely that the consignment sale (where I got both girls costumes for a total of $9) had a pumpkin costume in Addy's size.

Anyway, here are some pics of the festivities:

Halloween Party at school:

Ready to collect her treats... with an extra bucket just in case!

Daddy came to the party too!

Addy's classmates left to right: Greer, Addy, Brandon, Lacey, Marshall, and Jack.  Scarlett is in her class too, but she hadn't arrived yet when this photo was taken.

Mommy and Addy :)
The only way to get Addy to wear the hat was to tell her that she couldn't get treats unless she wore it.  Questionable parenting?  Sure.  But it worked ;)

Ready for the parade!!

Lolly pop #1 of many

Snack time!  (There's Scarlett in the Dalmatian costume.)

Emma joined the fun!

Addy had a great time at her school party, and Mike and I did too.  I am so glad that we enrolled her in school this year, because she loves it and really does learn a lot.  I love her school and her teachers, and I feel like every day when Addy gets home I discover at least one new thing that she learned!

On Halloween day I ventured out to a play date at Barnes and Noble with both girls.  Ummm, yeah, I may not be doing that again for awhile.  Addy is just so active that it is really hard to be in a public place (where she is running around) and keep tabs on both girls.  I had Emma in the stroller and she was fast asleep the entire time (thank goodness!!!), but I kept leaving the stroller to go and chase after Addy, all the while praying that no one was stealing my baby.  (OK, before anyone gets too panicky, I had lots of friends there that were keeping an eye on Emma while I ran after Addy.) 

But when I decided to go to this play date, I had visions of Addy sitting nicely on my lap listening to the story and coloring while Emma was in the stroller right next to us.  Ha!  Not even remotely how it went.  Addy wanted to run all over the store collecting books.  She had no interest whatsoever in sitting and listening to a story.  And during "craft time", she was running around trying to grab other kids crayon buckets.  And after craft time was over, Addy continuously ran back and forth between the train area and the story area.  Stressful excursion to say the least, and that was with one of my children sleeping the entire time!  I shudder to think about what it will be like when Emma is mobile!  All of my friends were laughing at me frantically running around after Addy while their children sat angelically in their laps.  I kept saying, "Addy, don't you want to sit with your friends?"  Answer: "No."  Plain and simple.  Looking back, I'm sure it was comical, because it was like a zoo in there.  But I think I'm going to stick to play dates at people's houses for awhile ;)

There wasn't a whole lot of time for picture taking during this excursion, but I did manage to snap a few.

Addy and Phoebe

Addy and Troy

She really loved this train table, and if we had more space in our house, I would seriously consider buying her one.  But there is just no where to put it.

Home again, home again.  Thank goodness!

Time for trick-or-treat!

Yup, another lolly pop before we even begin.

Trick-or-treating at Sophie's house.

Daddy and Addy headed down the street, while I stayed back in the yard and waited for them since Emma was asleep in the house.  Funny story though.  They were going to one house.  Just one.  But I was waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting for them to come back.  I had my camera in hand, ready to go.... waiting.  Turns out, those neighbors invited Mike in for a beer.  Only Mike would set out to take his toddler trick-or-treating and come back with new friends and a beer in hand.  Only my husband.  Ha ha!
I ran right over to get a picture with Addy...and to grab a sip of that beer ;)
 And then Sophie came out and made Addy's day!

Addy seriously loves her :)


And Jenna too!

Yup, that's another lolly pop :)  Hey, it's Halloween.  We were living it up!
Then Emma woke up and was ready for some Halloween fun!

My girls :)

Can you tell that Addy is getting really tired of having her picture taken?  Ha ha!
Later in the evening Addy's job was to give candy to the trick-or-treaters.  She did a great job....

...even though we had to tell her multiple times that the candy was for the other kids and she needed to down!!  Look at her face!  Gotta love it!

Back inside to get ready for bed.

Ended the night fireside...

... with a precious baby by my side.  I love my family!!!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


  1. Hahah oh my gosh there are so many great things in here. Like, yes you can TOTALLY tell she loves Sophie! Seems really excited to see her! Love that you got a picture of Emma in the flower while she was smiling. And that face when you're telling Addy she can't have the candy - she is NOT pleased:) Looks like you had a great Halloween!

  2. Thanks for these pictures! I love them all! Addy made a great pumpkin and Emma was cute as anything in her flower costume! I'm so glad you have this blog; it really helps to see the girls as they're growing and changing so quickly!