Friday, November 30, 2012

November Self Portrait

At the beginning of November I finally started running again, after a year long hiatus.  I suppose I could blame most of it on pregnancy, but let's be honest, I probably could have run for the majority of my pregnancy.  I felt fine.  I just used being pregnant as an excuse. 

But no more excuses!  I am fully recovered from Emma's birth, so when I started running I promptly signed up for the Lights in the Parkway race to keep me motivated.  This is a 5K night time race through the Christmas lights in Allentown.  My mom, sister, and I ran this last year for the first time and we all loved it!  It's the only race I've ever done at night, and it was so pretty and festive :)  So when I heard that they were both running again this year AND I was going to be in Allentown already, I took it as a sign that I was meant to run it too!

We all had a great time again... running through the Christmas lights, listening to the band play Christmas music, and sipping on apple cider and hot chocolate when we were done.  Great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Yes, yes, this is extremely poor quality, but we had to take what we could get.  The picture was taken with a night...with lights in the background.  Not ideal photo conditions to say the least.  But there I am in all my running glory, ha ha! 

I spent the month easing my way back into running and I'm so glad that I did. I feel like me again!!

Happy Holidays!

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