Monday, February 11, 2013

Addy: 2 Year's Old!!

Dear Adilyn,

You are such a big girl now!  I can't believe that you are two already!  Walking, talking, playing, and discovering more and more every day.  It is such a joy to us to watch you get that intent look on your face as you are processing new information and learning about the world around you.  And that childhood innocence and excitement over what adults consider "everyday" things: priceless.  "Look Mama!  A squirrel running up a tree!!!!"  Nothing can make a person appreciate nature and the world around us like a child can.  I am grateful for you every day!!

You are at that age where you are beginning to mimic everything.  From words, to gestures, to actions.  You have started to nurse your animals via your belly button, which is quite hilarious to watch!  Your new favorite saying when we ask you if you are going to do something is: "I sure am!"  I guess we must say that more often than we realize.  It's so cute to hear it out of such a tiny person :)

One the other hand, we really need to watch what we do and say these days.  Because, as always, you don't miss a beat.  We can't get anything past you.  I sneak a cookie, you demand one too.  I push Daisy out of my way when she's underfoot, so do you.  I say words like "disgusting" regarding certain foods, so do you.  Because of all of this, being a parent is making me a better person.  Children learn by example.  So if I don't want you having lots of sweets in your diet, I need to limit them in mine.  If I want you to treat Daisy (and all people and animals) nicely, I need to model that behavior.  If I want you to be polite and not use words like "disgusting" to describe food you don't like, then I better not either.  It's a good thing.  For both of us.  You keep me honest and I love you for that.

You have started to say you're "scared" of any and all things you don't like or don't feel like doing.  Anything from, "I'm scared of car seat!"  to "I'm scared of eggs!"  I don't think you truly understand what scared means.  Now don't get me wrong, you are legitimately a scaredy cat (ha ha!), but you also just think if you say you're scared, then we won't make you do it.  I'm here to inform you that we're onto you little lady.  You can't get anything past us either ;)

Here are a couple recent pics of you:

Daddy bought this play set and made a little play area in our yard, which is perfect for you.  You love, love, love to go outside and play!

A few days after this picture was taken we lost that hat, and I'm pretty bummed out because it was by far your cutest one...and the one that fit your large noggin the best!

You love your "princess" jewels from Aunt Erin :)

You still won't let me put anything in your hair, but occasionally you'll rock your own style:

You got your first "real" haircut a few days before your birthday, and you loved it!  They gave out lolly pops, so what's not to love?!

(Creative shot courtesy of Aunt Tina of course!)


What is going on in the back?  Did I botch your haircut that badly the first time?

"Lolly pop!"

"I'm scared of water!"

Loving the hairdryer!

How cute is that place, by the way?  They gave you a little certificate and a prize and everything!

You still love TV, but we have definitely limited it's presence in this house which is great.  You like Little Einsteins and Super Why.  Like Super Why, "To the rescue! " is your favorite saying, as you pump your fist high in the air.  It's pretty funny to watch :)

A few weeks before you turned two you said your first sentence.  "Sometimes, I go to church on Wednesdays."  Exact words.  When you first said that, Daddy and I couldn't stop laughing about it.  Then you kept repeating it and repeating it.  Always slowly, like you were still processing which words go where in the sentence.  I love it!  Wednesday is when you have your music class at church and that remains one of your favorite activities.

Your Two Year Stats:

Weight: 29 lbs (85th percentile)
Height: 35 3/4 inches (90th percentile)
HC: 48 1/2cm (85th percentile)

A few other things about you:

- You aren't an extremely picky eater, but you have your moments.

- You drink milk with breakfast, but other than that, you only drink water.  (I am determined to make you a better water drinker than I am.)

- You are hit or miss with using the potty.  You will pee and poop on it, but only when you feel like it.  Otherwise you scream and cry and refuse to even go near the thing.  We're taking it slowly and letting you set the pace for now.

- You like to have at least two blankets in your crib at all times.  You would have ten in there if we let you, but you will not tolerate less than two.

- You are an amazing big sister and you light up like a firefly when you make Emmy smile :)

- You remain 100% Daddy's girl.  And I 100% love it.  I joke around that I'm hurt and sad about it, but deep down I think there is nothing cuter than a little girl who adores her Daddy :)  I hope you always stay a Daddy's girl.

- You suck your thumb, but usually only when you are tired... or when you are around Emmy.  You immediately stick your thumb in your mouth when you are near her, like you are trying to soothe her with your thumb.  It's adorable!

- You can manipulate the Ipad like no other.  Turn it on, swipe the screen, swipe through to find your apps, start your apps, etc.  You do it all with no help from us.  Why do I have a feeling that you'll be teaching me things by the time you're three?

- It is soooo hard to get good pictures of you these days.  You often downright refuse to look at the camera.  I love this pic because it totally looks like you are saying, "If I say cheese, will you get off my back?"  Ha ha!

- You talk about Skyping with people, but then you rarely stay in the room and interact when we do.

- You are getting really good with your manners and you usually say please and thank you without any prompting.  (Or "Thank you your welcome."  You often jumble those together.)

I could go on and on.  There are so many fun, quirky things about you as an individual that I am learning on a daily basis.  You are realizing your independence and that is both fun and difficult for us as parents.  You try our patience every single day, but you also make us laugh (many, many times!) every single day.  I think that's what keeps parents of toddlers sane!

You are a smart, funny, kind, and beautiful little girl, and I can't wait I'm excited to see who you'll grow up to be.  I don't like to say "I can't wait", because I can wait.  I do not, under any circumstances want to rush your childhood.  It's going too fast already!

This is the last of your monthly letters from Mommy, as you are a big girl now and no longer a baby.  But I want to continue to write you letters as you grow up so that you and I can look at them together one day and remember all of these fun, crazy, funny times "back when you were a kid".  Ugh, it brings tears to my eyes to even type that.  Stay little and innocent forever Addy.  OK?

Happy 2nd Birthday Adilyn Marie!  We love you to the moon.... and back!



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  1. She sure is developing quite the personality! Can't wait for you guys to come this week!