Friday, February 8, 2013

January Self Portrait: Cupcake Queen

With all of Addy's birthday celebrations, combined with baking for other parties, and for friends, I'm surprised that I haven't gotten sick from the amount of batter I've eaten over the past month.  Not to mention that Christmas was just a few weeks ago, and I don't remember how many types of Christmas cookies I made.  Six?  Maybe eight?  I have been a baking fool.... and loving it!

All that know me know about my sweet tooth.  My sweet tooth is one of many reasons that I would never, ever survive on a diet.  I need my daily dose.  My "fix" if you will.  If I can't have a little something sweet after dinner I feel deprived ... and borderline depressed.  (And we wonder who Addy gets her dramatics from??)

There are two food things in life that I need:  breakfast and dessert (or both at the same time!!).

Don't deprive me of breakfast, and don't make me go a whole day without so much as a Hershey's Kiss.  Trust me on this one.  Just ask Mike if you are unsure ;)

Anyway, I digress.  January was a month of baking yummy, delicious sweets, of which there were always plenty left over for me to devour!

Everyone knows that you aren't supposed to eat the batter, but we all do it....right?  So what if I purposely leave an absurdly large amount on the bowl for myself to enjoy.  I'm taking that chance with salmonella at every opportunity.  That's right.  I live on the edge ;)

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  1. It's always the best having an excuse to eat a ton of batter - I love it!