Sunday, February 3, 2013

Emma: 4 Months!

Dear Emmy Lou Sue,

You are 4 months old already!  Where does the time go????

You are getting more and more interactive every day, and it's so fun to watch you grow!  You love your activity mat as much as ever and enjoy holding onto and batting the little toys around.  You also love to gnaw on your little hands.  I feel like they are continuously in your mouth...which has led to lots and lots of drooling.  We are in full drool factory mode.

You are a thumb sucker, and it's so nice that you are able to soothe yourself.  Not that you need much soothing.  You continue to be one of the most content babies I've ever seen.  You are so happy and pleasant, and it's many a morning that I come into your room to find you wide awake, just looking around sucking your thumb.  And then you get the biggest smile when you see me!  No crankiness, despite the fact that you just slept all night and are probably starving.  Yup, you sleep all night!!  It's been several weeks now that you haven't woken up at all until morning!  I'm talking 8-8:30 PM until 7-8AM!!  It has been amazing and I hope you keep it up!

You continue to be a great sleeper and we often times have to wake you up from your naps to keep you from sleeping the day away.  Sometimes I even wake you up in the morning!

You are getting so big and already growing out of your 3-6 month clothes!  I have to put away all of your 3 month stuff because you are starting to bust at the seams!

Weight: 14 lbs 3oz (50th percentile)
Length: 25 inches (75th percentile)
HC: 42cm (85th percentile)

You were a little rock star at your 4 month checkup, but you did not react well to your vaccines.  The next day you had a fever of 101.5, you were slightly cranky (which is very unusual for you), and you wouldn't take a bottle at all or nurse very well.  It was a rough day for you little lady :(

You are still exclusively breastfed and although I know we could start solids this month we'll probably hold off until the six month mark like we did with Addy.  You seem completely content with nursing every 4 hours or so, and you sleep all night, so why rush it?  Sometimes when we're out and about I'll give you a bottle of pumped milk, and you have decided that you are old enough to hold it yourself!

You like sitting in the bumbo seat and in the Step and Play Piano for a new view of life.  Still not a huge fan of tummy time, so you still don't roll over. But that's OK. I am 100% fine with you being immobile for now ;)

I would say that your favorite activity is watching your sister, followed closely by talking to Daddy.  Nobody gets smiles out of you like Addy does, and nobody hears you talk more than your Daddy.  I have a feeling I may have 2 Daddy's girls on my hands (which I love!).

Your beautiful eyes are still blue and you still have that long dark hair, although you are losing some of it.  We do a comb over in the areas that are getting sparse, ha ha!

Emmy, you are such a little angel and we all completely adore you!  One of Addy's favorite things to do is "make Emmy smile!".  It's not hard; you are a happy, joyful little baby.  Each day with you has been an absolute blessing and I truly love this precious stage.  I could smooch your little cheeks all day long!  I'm so excited to watch you grow, and I thank God everyday for giving me the honor of being your Mommy.  I love you to pieces little lady!



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  1. Emmy certainly is the most content baby I've ever seen, I don't think it gets much better than her! She is the sweetest thing:) I could kiss those cheeks all day long too!