Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Self Portrait

Woohoo, look at me posting my self portrait in the actual month that it was taken!

This month, a lot of my evenings were spent like this:

Sitting on a grassy field, cheering on my man while he played softball :)
Although, let's be real, I didn't spend a whole lot of time sitting with my two little ladies in tow.
  (Notice Mike and little Addy in the background.  Keeping her away from the players was a feat in and of itself.)

Mike has been playing on our church softball team for about 3 years, and although he really loves to play, I can guarantee that Addy loves going to those games more than he does.  So the girls and I went to every game that Mike played in this year, and we were by far the team's most devoted cheerleaders.  Every day Addy would ask at least ten times, "Are we going to Daddy's softball game now?"  She was a fantastic little cheerleader and even earned her Daddy the nickname Mike "Go Daddy" Hetrick.

We had such a blast on those sidelines although it was often hot as anything and we were usually eaten alive by mosquitoes.  None of that bothered Addy (or Emma for that matter).  There is a playground at the field, so we would spend our time going back and forth between watching the game and playing at the playground.  This picture was taken before the game started because by the end I was inevitably a sweaty, disheveled mess.

I wouldn't have changed these harried, hot and buggy nights for anything.  My girls had a blast, my hubby played a game that he loves, and I got to play with my girls, cheer for my husband, and socialize with some of the nicest people I know.  We will miss our church, with all of its wonderful people and activities, more than we probably even know.

Boy do I love the long, dog days of summer!!


  1. Such a perfect little family:) I love mike's nick name:)

  2. I love these long summer days, and even the buggy nights! Couldn't get me to trade them for the winter! So neat that your church had a softball team. Maybe you can find another one that has one in your new area.